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Classical music

20 Jul 2017

Computers already know how to paint, write poetry, compose music and come up with jokes without assistance. They aren’t able to break molds like the great masters, but machines can be creative, explains Ramón López de Mántaras in the book The Next Step. Exponential Life, which can be download for free on the website of BBVA’s OpenMind project.

16 Feb 2017

14 Feb 2017

20 Jan 2017

In 1939, composer Steve Reich was a boy taking a train from New York to Los Angeles to visit his divorced parents. Meanwhile, other children in Europe – Jews, just like him – were taking trains to Nazi extermination camps. Fifty years later, the contrast between his childhood memories and the horror of the Holocaust inspired Different Trains. Beatriz Caravaggio offers a video re-creation of the musical piece.

09 Dec 2016

Encouraging concert goers to turn on their smartphones during performances, filling London pubs with the music of Handel’s arias and sharing the stage with a rock band, are just some of the ways that some large symphony orchestras are exploring to attract younger audiences to concert halls.

19 Jun 2016

Georges Aperghis was born in Athens into a family of artists in 1945, and has lived in Paris since settling there in 1963. His work is characterized by the drive to interrogate language, dissecting its meaning and its evolution, and by the merging of music and theater.