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Human capital 18 Dec 2020

BBVA donates €200,000 to three NGOs on behalf of its employees in Spain

The pandemic and the subsequent health protection measures have forced the bank to adapt the actions planned for its employees this Christmas. The traditional Christmas festivities have been replaced by global digital celebrations and a donation to three NGOs that provide support to the sectors of society that have suffered the most during the crisis.

BBVA shall make a €200,000 donation on behalf of its employees, who have voted to choose the three NGOs receiving the donation. Therefore, the amount allocated to the Christmas celebrations will be donated to these organizations, allowing them to continue with their projects, which are aimed at mitigating the effects of the crisis and helping the ones who need it most.

The following three institutions will receive the donation made on behalf of the company's employees:

  • The Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) will receive €75,917 (38%), for the campaign "The 2020 big food drive". Food drives have become a key element during the socio-economic crisis generated by the health crisis.
  • Desarrollo y Asistencia created the program "No one alone" aimed at providing accompaniment to the elderly and seniors living alone, which received €67,576 (34%). Seniors have been one of the groups who have suffered the most during the crisis, not only because of the devastating results of the disease, but also due to the effects of isolation and social distancing.
  • The Spanish Red Cross will receive €56,507 (28%) for the initiative "Your rights at play", the toy collection campaign that will ensure that all children receive a new toy this Christmas.

This donation joins the initiatives of the BBVA Volunteering program, which are being carried out by all of the bank's employees to help celebrate Christmas in a way that is special for all. Since the start of the pandemic, one of the main areas of cooperation of the Group in all regions in which it operates involved providing socio-economic support to the most vulnerable groups through donations to social entities that work with these groups.

New year, filled with light

The unifying thread of all actions revolved around light, as a way of exemplifying optimism and hope for a year filled with opportunities. Employees greeted and sent special thank you letters to other colleagues, launched messages of hope at random for colleagues in other regions or customized their own Christmas cards. The Chairman and CEO participated in the closing event held at the Madrid headquarters' main hall, thanking all employees for their effort and commitment this year, highlighting the need to continue to strengthen the bank's corporate values and finally wishing all employees a blessed and prosperous New Year.

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