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27 Jul 2017

24 Jul 2017

04 Jul 2017

17 Jun 2017

In Mexico City, BBVA held the first edition of EduFin Summit, a global event on financial education organized by the Center for Financial Education and Capabilities, which the bank established early this year. With this forum, BBVA is giving the global movement for financial education a significant boost, consolidating the bank’s role as a global leader.

30 May 2017

29 Apr 2017

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The digital revolution has changed the rules, personal relations, business, communication and the way everyone uses their time. The impact of technology is always associated with achieving greater freedom, but it has also pushed us to levels of distraction and dependence that have changed how engage with the world.

The impact is profound, but hard to measure accurately. Sociologist and economist Manuel Castells believes that people, companies and institutions feel how profound this technological change is, “but when closely examined through rigorous empirical research, the speed and scope of the transformation turns out to not be exact.”

07 Apr 2017

06 Mar 2017

The apps world continues to grow. In just a few years, apps have become smartphone users’ closest ally. They aren’t all as well-known as Instagram and Shazam, but they have the same potential.

02 Mar 2017

27 Feb 2017

03 Feb 2017

27 Jan 2017

Blockchain is paving the way for new ways of business for independent journalists. This is just the beginning of a revolution based on many of the principles of the sharing economy.

23 Dec 2016

08 Nov 2016


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BBVA Executive Chairman Francisco González presented this afternoon in the European Parliament the book La búsqueda de Europa (The Search for Europe), published by BBVA through OpenMind, the institution’s knowledge platform. During his visit to Brussels, Francisco González stressed that Europe needs more structural reforms and more fiscal policies. He also said that Spain will have a bright future if “we are capable of reaching agreements” to continue pushing reforms.

03 Nov 2016

07 Oct 2016

18% of consumers are unable to rate the social commitment of companies due to a lack of awareness of the policies and actions that they develop. However, when asked to rate companies based on their performance other fields (products/services, leadership, innovation, etc), this percentage drops by 50%. This is one of the key takeaways of the 2016 CSR RepTrak® 100 report, recently released by consulting firm Reputation Institute within the framework of a webinar, in which BBVA also participated.

22 Sep 2016

01 Sep 2016

Tablets, smartphones, social media… There are an increasing number of channels available for communicating directly with the customer and learning more about them, as well as for customers to convey their message in a more personal way.

24 Aug 2016

11 Aug 2016

29 Jul 2016

Between April and June the BBVA Group posted the highest quarterly profit of the last 12 months, with €1.12 billion, up 58.4% from the previous quarter. Net attributable profit for the first half of the year stood at €1.83 billion, down 33.6% from the same period in 2015, due to the impact of exchange rates and the lack of corporate operations. Stripping out these two factors, profit grew 5.8% y-o-y

Between April and June the BBVA Group posted the highest quarterly profit of the last 12 months, with €1.12 billion, up 58.4% from the previous quarter. Net attributable profit for the first half of the year stood at €1.83 billion, down 33.6% from the same period in 2015, due to the impact of exchange rates and the lack of corporate operations. Stripping out these two factors, profit grew 5.8% y-o-y

27 Jul 2016

He has worked at BBVA for 17 years and has spent a decade abroad, living out of a suitcase. Even though he has participated in numerous projects in various regions, and even continents, he says his job is to “be transparent.”

23 Jun 2016

17 Jun 2016

Saul Rodríguez works in Global Corporate Communication and is very aware of social media’s power, not only to divulge information and create communities, but also to make people smile. We asked him to tell us about his projects, which he of course did in a social media format.

10 Jun 2016

Hi. My name’s Raúl, I’m a communicator, Libra, my favorite color is blue and I travel around the world covering tourist experiences for my TV program in Paraguay.  Having said that, I want to start off this chronicle by being sincere. I’m one of those people who doesn’t understand anything about the banking world. I can’t tell a savings bank from a coffee machine. The first time I was asked if I wanted a current account, I asked if the current was to 110 or 220 watts. Yes –that’s the level of my ignorance.

21 May 2016

20 May 2016

If there is a name in Spain that is synonymous with adventure and exploring, it is without a doubt Miguel de la Quadra – Salcedo (born in Madrid on April 30, 1932). He went to the Amazon for the first time in 1960 and that’s where his tireless expedition career began. Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo led a life that could have been lived by three men at once – the athlete, the journalist and the adventurer – but he decided to pack it all into one.  In his work as a reporter for RTVE he directly witnessed the war in Congo, the coup against Salvador Allende in Chile and he was the first journalist to interview Che Guevara’s brother after his death.

05 May 2016

BBVA Chairman Francisco González presented the book The Search for Europe: Contrasting Approaches, a work that collects the insights of twenty-three prestigious authors from different fields of knowledge into the present and the future of Europe and its integration project, a process with far reaching consequences, for not only the lives of the Europeans, but for all the citizens of the world.  

28 Apr 2016

BBVA posted a net attributable profit of €709 million in the first quarter of 2016, down 53.8% from the same period a year earlier. Quarterly results were hindered by a number of factors, including the impact of exchange rates, lower results from NTI and the lack of corporate operations. BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila indicated that results will continue to grow gradually throughout 2016. Below you can find the most relevant data of the quarter:

  • Income: Gross income stood at €5.79 billion (+14.9% year-on-year at constant exchange rates) driven by strong performance of recurring revenue (net interest income plus fees and commissions)
  • Risks: The Group’s NPL ratio improved, closing at 5.3% at the end of the quarter, compared to 5.4% in December; coverage ratio remained stable at 74%
  • Capital: BBVA reached a CET1 fully-loaded ratio of 10.54%, with 21 basis points of growth during the quarter
  • Transformation: At the end of the quarter, BBVA Group’s digital customer base stood at 15.5 million (+20% y-o-y). Of these, 9.4 million are mobile clients (+45%)

06 Apr 2016

18 Mar 2016

17 Mar 2016

Climber Carlos Soria, leader of the BBVA Expedition, is already at the Annapurna Base Camp. The team spent the past two weeks trekking to acclimatize, getting ready to take on Earth’s tenth highest peak in the best possible conditions. “The preparatory process we’ve completed in the past days will be key to our attempt to summit the Annapurna as quickly as possible. We’re ready to seize the first chance we have,” said Carlos Soria.

16 Mar 2016

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila explained BBVA’s main competitive advantages in a context of profit pressure on the financial sector and a complex macroeconomic environment: an attractive, customer-centric business model; a solid risk management model; a sound capital position; and superior earnings power. “BBVA is well positioned to take advantage of the current environment,” he indicated during his speech at the Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference in London attended by a large group of institutional investors from across the globe.

15 Mar 2016

BBVA today launches the 8th edition of its BBVA Open Talent competition, which aims to find the brightest and best entrepreneurs who are changing financial services through digital innovation. In the last five years, over 3,250 companies have entered, with winners raising over €116 million in investments. Early entrants will be considered for participation at Wired Money 2016 which BBVA is sponsoring for the second year in a row.

11 Mar 2016

03 Mar 2016

The key for a financial institution to survive in such a rapidly changing environment is to abide by ethics, according to BBVA Executive Director José Manuel Gónzalez-Páramo. In a conference on Companies and Public Goods held by the University of Navarra’s Entrerprise and Humanism Institute, José Manuel González-Páramo emphasized that “ethics is the keystone of the banking sector”.

01 Mar 2016

US and EU representatives agreed to extend the current round of talks regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), started on February 22nd, two additional weeks. Both parties were clear about their satisfaction regarding the ground covered over the past days, and ratified their commitment to conclude an agreement in 2016.

25 Feb 2016

BBVA signed a strategic alliance with Cisco today that will help the company in its digital transformation process, allowing Cisco to become its priority technology partner. The agreement seeks to foster connectivity and collaboration between BBVA Group clients and employees and provide networking solutions. This is the first of a series of alliances that BBVA is aiming to forge with strategic partners. BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins have taken part in the signing of the agreement.

24 Feb 2016

London, Hong-Kong, Phoenix, San Francisco and Santiago de Chile are (in that order) the cities chosen for the third BBVA-El Celler de Can Roca Tour: a trip around the world. For 5 weeks, the Roca brothers and 40 members of staff from their restaurant will embark on a journey that will take them from Europe to the Asian continent and then across the Pacific to the U.S., then down the continent to the Chilean capital.

11 Feb 2016

BBVA announces an increase in its financial technology (‘fintech’) fund to $250m and a partnership with Propel Venture Partners (Propel).  BBVA will invest its $250m in Propel’s funds as a limited partner, and Propel will manage the investment independently in a move designed to ensure the capital continues to be invested in the best digital financial services startups.

10 Feb 2016

  • Francisco González: “With this official opening, we stand by our long-term commitment to Mexico, because we believe in this great country, in the Mexican people and in their future”
  • Enrique Peña Nieto: “I would like to acknowledge both the work and the commitment that an institution as important on a global scale as BBVA Bancomer is undertaking and showing in our country”
  • The building’s construction is one of the pivotal milestones of the $3.5 billion investment plan that BBVA Bancomer announced in 2013.
  • At 234 meters, the 50-story skyscraper is now the tallest building in Mexico’s capital
  • From the new headquarters, the company will continue to drive the implementation of a new work model, based on innovation and digital banking


BBVA Executive chairman Francisco González and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto unveiled yesterday BBVA Bancomer’s new headquarters, in the heart of the Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma. The event included a fireworks show that could be seen from all across the city. The BBVA Bancomer Tower now stands as the tallest building in the city, and has claimed its spot as one of its architectural landmarks.

03 Feb 2016