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01 Jul 2016

In the U.K., all-mobile bank startups, requiring only a smartphone or a tablet to access all the features, are the talk of financial services.  Mondo raised £1 million in 96 seconds on Crowdcube in March and Tandem got a U.K. banking licence at the end of 2015.   While it’s still early days for the concept, the quality of the people behind them, the strong funding and the innovative product suggest they’re going to become a permanent feature in Britain’s banking landscape.

30 Jun 2016

29 Jun 2016

24 Jun 2016

Brexit received 51.9% of the votes versus the Remain campaign’s 48.1% – a difference of more than 1.1 million votes. Voter turnout was a record high of 72%. The U.K. now has two years to agree on the terms of its exit from the EU.

23 Jun 2016

In a context marked by financial market volatility, the advantages of diversifying the sources of funding are evident for businesses, regardless of their size. In long-term financing, the two more broadly used funding instruments are loans (syndicated or bilateral) and bonds, placed among institutional investors. Both instruments can be more or less tailored to fit a series of parameter, including the company’s needs, mainly maturity and price, its credit profile, repayment capacity, the market’s momentum, etc…

22 Jun 2016

Wired Money, Together with BBVA is opening its doors at the British Museum in London the same day the British will vote in the referendum. While they decide whether the U.K. will remain in the EU, fintech firms will once again be in the limelight in the capital at an event on “innovation and new ways of thinking” in the words of Greg Williams, Deputy Editor of British edition of WIRED and curator of Wired Money.

19 Jun 2016

Optogenetics is a technique whereby light serves to control the behavior of a live animal. The scene might go something like this: the laboratory rat sits peacefully in its box, but with a fiber optic cable emerging from its head. A light comes on and the animal starts to run; the light goes off, and it stops.

“Ideas about cosmology have greatly changed in the last 60 years. At the beginning of this century it was accepted without question that the Universe was essentially uniform and static. […] Most people preferred to believe that the Universe had existed forever, because this avoided awkward questions about the initial data and about what happened before the beginning.”

17 Jun 2016

15 Jun 2016

14 Jun 2016

13 Jun 2016

Only 26% believe that organizations and businesses comply with personal data protection regulations, according to Vodafone Institute’s report, presented during the ‘Big Data: Limitless opportunities?’ forum, co-organized by El País and Data Pop Alliance. Although in general terms, Europeans are wary about how organizations use their personal information, 36% of respondents said they trusted banks, compared to the 16% and 11% that said they trust search engines or social networks, respectively.

10 Jun 2016

With the aim of reinforcing financial inclusion and the fight against poverty, Financiera Confianza – an entity of BBVA Microfinance Foundation – was formed in Peru. The results so far are very significant and most of its success derives from its clear mission: to promote the sustainable development of the most disadvantaged groups through responsible and productive finance. In other words, in keeping with BBVA’s purpose, Confianza seeks to place the opportunities of this new era within reach of everyone.

07 Jun 2016

Between 2002 and 2013, the Peruvian economy underwent a stage of fast and strong growth. During this period, the average annual growth rate was 6.1%. As a result, in a relatively short period of time, the per capita purchasing power of Peruvians nearly doubled and poverty declined by approximately 30 percentage points.

Now that the fourth consecutive presidential election in Peru (a milestone in the country’s republican history) has finished, the message to the world is one of democracy and political and macroeconomic stability. From this foundation of respect for the rule of law, Peru becomes an obvious investment opportunity for national and international private sectors. In addition, it makes it possible to strengthen the role of institutions such as BBVA Continental – from its robust position in the financial system it helps Peru’s sustainable development.

06 Jun 2016

Peru has played – and still does – a key role in BBVA’s projection and consolidation in South America. In 1995 the institution (still BBV back then) took its first step in its expansion in the region buying Banco Continental. Since then, year after year, Peru has emerged as a solid country with an increasing appeal for international investors.

31 May 2016

25 May 2016

24 May 2016

23 May 2016

BBVA’s Innovation Center in Madrid hosted today the first global RegTech event,organized by the Institute of International Finance (IIF). The event was devised to foster interaction between regulators, financial institutions and technology firms specializing in the development of solutions aimed at supporting the regulatory compliance efforts of the banking industry. The meeting was attended by prominent members of the IIF, including BBVA’s Executive Chairman.

20 May 2016

In Mexico, three out of every ten companies registered with the Mexican Tax Administration belong to women. Of the 4.9 million companies in the country, 1.5 million were created by women. Of these companies, nine out of ten are SMEs or micro-enterprises.

Mexico ranks 13th of 31 countries for its favorable conditions for business women, according to the study, “Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard 2015”.

18 May 2016

– Today is International Museum Day. This year the events will celebrate “Museums and Cultural Landscapes”.

13 May 2016

09 May 2016

More than seven months ago, the European Commission (CE) launched its action plan to help build a true single market for capital, one of the pivotal pending issues in Europe’s path towards integration. One of the key goals of the single market is to improve access to financing for European companies and to unblock the barriers to investments between countries of the European Union (EU). What progress has been made so far since September? And especially, what other pending points should be addressed before the end of 2016?

04 May 2016

BBVA is betting big on open platforms and BBVA API Market is, as of today, the clearest example of this strategy. The portal – through which developers can access BBVA’s APIs – is still in a pilot stage and, for the time being, is available by invitation-only for users from Spain and the United States.  The purpose is to offer other companies a way to leverage BBVA’s capabilities to build their services.

27 Apr 2016

The creation of a digital single market across Europe is an exciting prospect for both consumers and businesses. According to the European Commission, it could add €415 billion annually to our economy and bring jobs and better services to the EU. In my role as BBVA’s Chief Development Officer and Head of New Digital Businesses, I passionately believe that the financial services element is fundamental to this vision – and that regulation has an essential role in making it happen.

25 Apr 2016

The buzz surrounding the TTIP – the free-trade treaty that the US and the European Union started negotiating back in 2013 – keeps growing louder. While the name may already ring a bell for a majority of people, many may still be wondering what’s behind the acronym and how will it affect, for good or for bad, the Spanish economy and, by extension, our everyday lives.

20 Apr 2016

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila explained this morning that “the customer will be the biggest winner” in the transformation that the banking sector is going through. BBVA is “redefining its value proposal, determined to become a better bank for our customers,” he explained in the 13th Meeting on the Financial Sector, organized by Deloitte together with ABC and Sociedad de Tasación. “We have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the life of people, helping them manage their finances and meet their lifetime goals”.

18 Apr 2016

Just when we thought we were getting used to the millennials, a new generation has arrived that is better prepared and technologically-savvy. They were born after 1995 and are known for having a more realistic view of the world. Are we ready for the new Generation Z?

11 Apr 2016

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank held their traditional Spring Meetings in Washington this week and like every year, BBVA will have a top-notch representation. BBVA’s delegation will be led by its Executive Director, José Manuel González-Páramo and he will accompanied by Global Head of Public Affaires, Eva Piera; BBVA Group Chief Economist and Director of BBVA Research, Jorge Sicilia; and Chief Economist for South America at BBVA Research, Juan Ruiz.

08 Apr 2016

With the inaugural Money 20/20 Europe -where some of the people trying to change financial services using technology get together- at an end, we thought we’d share some of our stand-out moments from four days of delegates, speakers, panels, press releases and meetings. From an embarrassment of fintech riches in Copenhagen, we’ve taken six learnings home with us.

06 Apr 2016

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila explained the Group’s plans to support the fintech industry and promote innovation – two pillars of BBVA’s ambitious transformation process. In his address during this first edition of Money 20/20 Europe – the most important fintech event in the world – in Copenhagen, Carlos Torres Vila affirmed that “BBVA will play an even more prominent role in the innovation ecosystem thanks to our internal initiatives, strategic alliances with fintech players and the use of our platform, by building open APIs, as key drivers of growth.”

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA) filed on April 6, 2016 with the Securities and Exchange Commission BBVA´s Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2015. The Annual Report can be found on Investor Relations BBVA´s website  in the section dedicated to Financial Information 2015.

01 Apr 2016

Last year, the Group paid €2.82 billion in taxes on its activity across the world. The total amount of taxes paid over the year (including both own taxes and the third-party taxes it manages) was €8.16 billion. For the third year in a row, BBVA Group has published its total tax contribution figures, standing by its corporate transparency principle and its commitment to social responsibility.

30 Mar 2016

21 Mar 2016

It’s a curious phenomenon. Technology can reach the remotest places on the planet, where even the most basic commodities cannot.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 12% of adults –64 million people– have an account on their mobile phone, 10% more than in the rest of the world (2%). The financial inclusion of the entire population in many countries is becoming a means of furthering their development. The goals of promoting access to banking services are among those underpinning the initiatives supported by BBVA in the field of fintech, including competitions for emerging companies such as BBVA Open Talent.  

18 Mar 2016

Op-ed by Tim Bennett for Emerging Europe

2016 is a very critical year for TTIP, and a conclusion of negotiations couldn’t come soon enough for small and medium size companies (SMEs). Nearly 95,000 out of the 28 million US SMEs export to the EU, while about 150,000 of the 20 million SMEs in the EU export to the US Most SMEs do not have the human, financial, or time resources that larger companies have to develop export markets when faced with tariffs, complex customs procedures, duplicative and expensive regulatory approval requirements. These barriers are cost prohibitive for too many SMEs.

16 Mar 2016

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila explained BBVA’s main competitive advantages in a context of profit pressure on the financial sector and a complex macroeconomic environment: an attractive, customer-centric business model; a solid risk management model; a sound capital position; and superior earnings power. “BBVA is well positioned to take advantage of the current environment,” he indicated during his speech at the Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference in London attended by a large group of institutional investors from across the globe.

15 Mar 2016

BBVA today launches the 8th edition of its BBVA Open Talent competition, which aims to find the brightest and best entrepreneurs who are changing financial services through digital innovation. In the last five years, over 3,250 companies have entered, with winners raising over €116 million in investments. Early entrants will be considered for participation at Wired Money 2016 which BBVA is sponsoring for the second year in a row.

14 Mar 2016

BBVA moves ahead in its transformation process, or “transformation journey”, with the publication of its online annual report BBVA in 2015 covering all the financial and non-financial information on the Group. Following the approval of the 2015 annual accounts at the Annual General Meeting, the bank provides its shareholders and investors the most relevant information from the year in an innovating digital format. With a modern design and the latest trends in navigation and usability, the report presents the bank’s strategy and covers all the year’s management information in a simple and intuitive manner.