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BBVA Bancomer

07 Jun 2016

Since the 2013 education reforms were enacted and included in the Constitution, education has become one of the fundamental priorities for Mexico’s government and society alike.  Reforming the country’s enormous and complex education system will be beneficial for all Mexican institutions and social partners. BBVA Bancomer has been supporting efforts to drive this progress for many years, via its scholarship and education support programs.

BBVA Bancomer’s outstanding loan portfolio is growing at a rate of 13%, meaning that the financial institution is continuing its support and cover of the credit needs of corporate banking, retail banking, and SMEs and consumer finance, thus underpinning economic growth.

06 Jun 2016

“Improving productivity is the biggest challenge that companies face today”, said BBVA Executive Chairman Francisco González at BBVA Bancomer’s National Directors Meeting today. During the event, which took place in Mexico City, Francisco González said that increasing productivity is “a process that is neither smooth nor homogeneous, but one that is essential for every company, and also for the banking sector.”

Mexico’s commitment to stability and reform is producing positive impacts on employment, improved purchasing power for salaries and domestic demand, which has become the driver of economic growth in Mexico, according to the Finance and Public Credit Secretary, Luis Videgaray.

13 Apr 2016

19 Feb 2016


Nothing can stop Nori Gallegos [BBVA Bancomer, Mexico]. She knows that with patience and lot of teamwork, no distance is too far and no challenge too difficult. “Nothing is impossible. You have to dream big and work every day to make them come true,” she says.