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Cybersecurity 21 Jul 2020

Scamming has been more prominent with more opportunities


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While the pandemic created by the novel COVID-19 develops and sends Americans down an unprecedented path, fraudsters are jumping at the chance to capitalize on that uncertainty.

These scams target consumers and businesses alike, and have been rampant in the news cycle. Even more, as tax day has come and gone, the Internal Revenue Service has come out with it’s “Dirty Dozen”, which represents the worst of the current tax scams plaguing the U.S.

With uncertain times becoming more uncertain by the day, and the country facing a generational crisis, scamming has become more prominent with more opportunities. As families look to secure their financial and physical health, it is even more important to be extra vigilant in combating predatory practices.

When the pandemic first came to fruition in the U.S., came out with initial scamming practices caused by the pandemic. This is where we’ll start. But in this podcast, we’ll touch on a bevy of information involving a range of scams - explained by reliable resources.

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