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François Hollande announced that he will not seek another term, giving Manuel Valls free reign to run.

– Bank of Mexico Governor Agustín Carstens has resigned after seven years in the position.

– Retired Marines General James Mattis, known as ‘Mad Dog’, is Donald Trump’s top candidate to be Secretary of Defense.

Venezuela will be suspended from Mercosur today for failing to comply with the membership requirements .

– Russia’s Federal Security Service (former KGB) reported that foreign secret services are preparing to carry out cyberattacks on December 5th to try to destabilize the country’s financial system.

– In Spain, 24,841 more people are unemployed – the fourth month of increases and the largest November increase since 2012. A total of 3,789,823 people are unemployed.

– In Spain, the government and PSOE have reached their first major agreement – an 8% increase in the minimum wage starting in 2017.

Tesla is now selling cars in Spain.  The Model S and Model X can be ordered on their website starting today.

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