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– The Financial Times reports that Donald Trump has toughened his warnings against North Korea. The U.S. President told a group of journalists that perhaps he wasn´t “tough enough,” in reference to statements at the start of this week, when he said the U.S. could unleash “fire and fury like the world has never seen” against Pyongyang.

Peking reminded Tokyo that it is not the owner of the Sea of Japan. The head of the Chinese Air Force, Ma Xiaotian, defended his country´s military maneuvers in the area. Japan fears that its air defenses are being put to the test, Europa Press reports.

Turkey urged the European authorities not to build walls to keep out asylum seekers. The country´s minister for the European Union, Omer Celik,  criticized Brussels’ policies and said that Turkey  “is the only one that takes in those who are fleeing from death,” Europa Press reported.

– In Spain, the Economy Ministry raised the maximum fines for fund management companies to 3,200%. The proposed legislation, which will adapt Spain to the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID2), includes another surprise: it would severely restrict the incentives paid to the distributors of funds, the business daily Cinco Días reported.

Inflation in Spain remained at 1.5% in July, The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has been positive for 11 consecutive months, although its increases have moderated compared to the upturns of 3% in January and February, EFE reports.

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