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Current news 14 Nov 2017

Today’s news

Here are today’s top stories:

– The U.K. Parliament will vote on the Brexit agreement before the separation from the European Union takes place. Prime Minister Theresa May succumbed to pressure from pro-Europeans due to the divisions within her government, Financial Times reports (with subscription).

– The European Union has signed a defense pact following decades of debate. The decision was made 70 years after it was originally proposed due to the imminent departure of the U.K., which was opposed to the idea, and the U.S. pushing the EU to pay more for its security, Reuters reports.

Puerto Rico is asking the U.S. Congress for $94.4 billion to rebuild after Hurricane María. The governor Riccardo Roselló says that the priorities are housing and the power grid, Reuters reports.

– The Financial Times reports (with subscription) that Argentine President Mauricio Macri’s government wants to get a package of economic reforms approved by Congress before the end of the year. The first step will be to pass a fiscal agreement with regional governors to curb the deficit.

– In Spain, the Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT) has announced that it will participate in the December 21st elections under the name Junts per Catalunya. The former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont has agreed to lead the group that seeks to unite the separatist parties, El País reports.

– The CPI rose 1.6% in October – two tenths less than in September due to a smaller increase in gasoline and diesel prices, Expansión reports.

Apple plans to make new iPhone X models in 2018. The U.S. Company has announced that it will release an updated model and two models with larger screens, El Mundo reports.

Other interesting stories