According to the latest ranking of internet velocity by Speedtest, one of the most popular speed tests in the world, Singapore has the fastest fixed-line connection on the web, with no less than 154.38 Mbps on average, and fourth place among mobile connections.

Marketing4ecommerce reported that Ookla, the internet diagnostic company that is behind Speedtest, says the metrics supplied by its monthly rankings can be used to detect trends in the consumption of each user group, which can be useful to companies in building their online strategies.

The Speedtest ranking of internet velocity shows the results in a clear and simple manner. There are two lists, the first one with the analysis of mobile connections and the second, with the results of the fixed line connections.

The results are also given by country, which is very revealing since it includes statistics about how the countries rise and fall on the lists. One interesting data point is that some countries have invested more in internet speed for mobile phones, as is the case with Norway, which barely makes it into the top 22 countries in fixed line connections but ranks first in the world in mobile internet speed.

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