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Current news 07 Jul 2017

Today’s number is about… e-commerce sales

E-commerce sales have increased 23% over the past year in Spain, reaching €22 billion. This is due to differentiation in the service and shopping experience, according to Cuponation’s e-commerce ranking.

The top-ranking Spanish business was El Corte Inglés’ website, in fourth position with 12.2 million visits per month.

This ranking, which classifies online stores in Spain according to the number of monthly visits, is led by Amazon with 69.8 million visits, followed by eBay, with 19.6 million and Ali Express, with 15.4 million visits. (8,736,000), (8,578,320), (7,255,030) and (6,829,880) Rank fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively. holds the tenth position with 4,961,550 visits.

The last five online stores in the ranking are (1,832,600 visits), (1,482,080), (1,102,440), (1,001,880) and (1,297,620), in 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th place, respectively.

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