Cambridge University Press’ latest Cambridge Monitor reports that Europeans feel that their level of English is an average of 2.88 out of 5. Spain is the European country with the lowest level of English, as 44% of Spaniards say their level of English is “low” or “very low”. They give themselves a score of 2.67 out of 5.

Spain is behind countries like France and Italy, which score 2.69. Only 22% of Spaniards say they have a “high” or “very high” level of English. Although its score is not good, Spain has improved its English in the past three years, climbing from 2.47 in 2013 to 2.67 in 2016.

In Europe as a whole, seven in ten people say they have an “intermediate” or “low level of English. Denmark tops the ranking of countries whose citizens say they have a good level of English (53%).

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