Reading the news online is common practice among Spanish Internet users according to the National Telecommunications and Information Society Observatory (ONTSI). The agency published a study on the use of and attitudes regarding digital content, conducted in collaboration with the company Sigmados. The research found that 66.2% of Internet users have read the news online in the past year.

Reading the news online is the third most common digital habit, surpassed only by looking at pictures (71.6%) and using mobile apps (67.1%). By gender, more men (71.3%) read the online press than women (61.2%). However, when it comes to reading eBooks, more women do so (24.7%) than men (22.3%).

Other common practices among Internet users include using social networks (60.1%), watching movies or television shows (59.5 %), listening to music (58.1%), reading websites (55.4%), using file sharing programs (32.2%), playing videogames (23.3%), studying and training (20.3%) and sharing content (19.8%).

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