The 7th CinfaSalud Study, covered by the newspaper 20 Minutos, analyzes the extent to which Spaniards suffer from stress in their everyday lives. The report indicates that nine out of every ten Spaniards surveyed  (96%) have experienced stress at some point in the past year and nearly 12.5 million (42%) suffer from stress frequently or continuously.

When broken down by gender, women experience more stress than men. Nearly one in two say they feel stressed frequently (48.7%), compared to 31.5% of men who also report being stressed continuously.

Those under the age of 45 have higher levels of stress. Among them, students experience the most stress (5.6%), followed by those looking for their first job (50.7%), and workers, both those who are employed and those who are self-employed (41.4%).

An excess of activity (50.9%) and lack of sleep (46.2%) are two factors with the greatest impact on stress.

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