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Current news Act. 31 May 2017

Today´s news

Here are today’s top stories:

- BBVA is one of the founding members of the recently announced Lyra network, the first Spanish multisector consortium. Lyra was established to create a cross-cutting, open source, neutral platform based on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, according to

- Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has agreed to submit documents on his business and personal matters to the U.S. Senate. The legislative body requested them as part of their Russia investigation, which is exploring relations between the White House and the Kremlin, The Guardian reports.

- The New York Times reports that the U.S. military performed a missile defense test to determine whether it was capable of intercepting a ballistic missile in the Pacific. The test takes place amid increasing tension with North Korea over its multiple attempts to test a missile capable of crossing all or part of the ocean to reach the U.S. west coast.

- The European Commission, in a document on the Economic and Monetary Union, concludes that the euro needs reform. It suggests creating a new financial instrument, a sort of light bond to package debt from European partners without sharing risk, Expansión reports.

- Days before the U.K. election, the polls are showing a return to a two-party system, with more than 78% supporting the Conservatives and the Labour parties. This level of support has not existed since 1979, El País reports.

- Three major Italian parties (Forward Italy, Democratic Party and the  Five Star Movement) have verbally agreed to design a new law based on Germany’s electoral model  for the elections likely to take place in the fall, El País reports.

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