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Upturn reaches 200,000 users: this is how they do it


Igor Delgado
Igor is Upturn product and growth manager

Since its launch in November 2018, this U.S.-based startup that originated in BBVA’s New Business Models unit has been growing over 20% month over month using an iterative strategy based on “testing, measuring and fine-tuning”.

There are now over 200,000 users in the U.S. that have used Upturn’s service to review their credit reports in search of errors that may affect their credit score. This figure marks a milestone for the company and highlights the success of its customer acquisition strategies, and also proves that the product addresses a real painful need that is currently not well met in the market.

Since November 2018, Upturn has maintained a constant growth rate of 23 percent new users per month. The reasons for this growth, as explained by Igor Delgado García, Upturn’s Head of Product and Growth, are to be found in how the product fits perfectly with the needs of its target audience: “The figures show us that we meet a very clear need in the market, that our product is capable of resolving this need effectively and that it is very easy to use” he explains.

Meeting a need

In the U.S. there are over 200 million people with credit reports and it is estimated that one in four credit reports have at least one material error. Credit report errors can significantly reduce a consumer’s credit score and limit their access to financial services. Despite this problem, however, today “it is not clear how to create a dispute about these errors online” explains Delgado. There is information about this on the websites of the U.S. credit bureaus, but the information is unclear and not easy to find, and it lacks the precise indications for users to know how to resolve their problem.

“That information is hard to uncover and not very clear. We handle the solution of this problem: we make it as easy as possible and that’s what those who use the service tell us. Without a doubt, this is helping our success” he adds.

An example of this are the good reviews that the application has received on Facebook, as well as in the customer support channels and in the app store, where it has very positive reviews. This contributes to the acquisition of new clients and shows that the solution works well. In fact, around 20 percent of users have managed to increase their credit score by 50 to 100 points thanks to Upturn. “Thanks to these reviews, we see that Upturn really can change people’s lives, and this is a boost to keep doing it better and better” he explains.


Testing, measuring, and fine-tuning

Another factor that has contributed to the success of the service in recent months has been its focus on the use of data, which has helped to understand very well what was happening on the system at any given time and how to evolve to constantly improve it. “Data capture and analysis has been critical, not only to grow to 200,000 users, but also to do so without increasing service costs, and all thanks to our vision of constant ‘testing, measuring and fine-tuning’” Delgado explains.

This has been possible thanks to an exhaustive and real-time monitoring of the result of different campaigns that the company has executed in different channels. The main sources through which they have captured users have been Facebook and Google, in which they have continuously tracked and improved the performance of messages and creativities. In addition, they have also recently started to attract customers through what is known as “incentivized advertising” (advertisements within apps that give users the option of trying out the product) and are also considering radio advertising.

“Through this work of testing, measuring and fine-tuning, we have a better understanding of the benefits of each channel and we are left with those that really work for us. In the beginning we only used Facebook; now we have diversified the strategy, which also strengthens us by not relying on a single platform” says Delgado.

Improving financial health

Finally, Delgado highlights that their solution not only monitors the user’s credit score and credit report, but also, thanks to machine learning tools, the service is able to identify personalized actions that could help improve them and suggests them to customers. In this way, Upturn offers customers greater control over their credit history information and provides them with tools to improve their situation. “Having access to credit is a key factor in determining people’s chances of achieving their life goals”.

Reaching an increasing volume of users is beneficial for this approach, since the more data the solution has, the better will be its capacity for customized recommendations. “Customization allows us to offer specific solutions and actions to each user,” adds Delgado. This is one of the company’s current priorities: to increasingly improve its machine-learning tool in order to offer customized recommendations that really fit each person’s needs. “And in this way, help them improve their financial health,” he concludes.

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