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BBVA participates in the IMF Spring Meetings

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank held their traditional Spring Meetings in Washington this week and like every year, BBVA will have a top-notch representation. BBVA’s delegation will be led by its Executive Director, José Manuel González-Páramo and he will accompanied by Global Head of Public Affaires, Eva Piera; BBVA Group Chief Economist and Director of BBVA Research, Jorge Sicilia; and Chief Economist for South America at BBVA Research, Juan Ruiz.

BBVA’s delegation will actively participate in some meetings and international forums being held throughout the week. In particular, on Thursday, April 14th, José Manuel González-Páramo will speak at the Institute of International Finance’s round table on blockchain technology where he will analyze its implications on the finance sector. The Executive Director will also give his perspective on the future of bank financing at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum’s breakfast meeting on Friday, April 15th; and he will participate in the Institute of International Finance’s International Capital Markets and Emerging Market Roundtable on Sunday, April 17th.

BBVA will also take part in the B20 working group meetings, a meeting parallel to the G20 where a group of executives from around the world work on recommendations regarding global economic issues for political leaders. In 2016, China is presiding this group. BBVA

is participating in two of the five working groups this year: Financing Growth Taskforce and the SME Development Taskforce. In 2015, BBVA Executive Chairman Francisco González and Executive Director José Manual González-Páramo led the Financing Growth Taskforce.

What are the IMF Spring Meetings?

The Spring Meetings are international meetings the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank hold every year.

For several days, specifically, from April 13 -18 this year, the 8,500+ participants from 150 countries convened by these two institutions will meet in Washington. The participants include 120 central bank governors, 4,000 central bank and government officials, 115 finance ministers, 900 executives, bankers, academics, civil society organizations and observers from all over the world.

Together with the Annual Meetings in the fall, the Spring Meetings are the most important event of the year for the IMF and World Bank.

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The IMF and WB Spring Meetings will be attended by over 8,500 guests from 150 countries

What is the purpose?

To hold seminars, regional information sessions, press conferences and many other events on the most important economic issues concerning society at the time related to the global economy, international development and global financial markets.

Which meetings are the most interesting?

Of the many events taking place next week, Development Assistance Committee meeting – a body including the IMF and World Bank as observers - and the IMF’s International Monetary and Financial Committee meeting to discuss progress made by the IMF and World Bank stand out.

For more information on the different meetings that will be held, check the complete program here.

What issues will dominate the agenda this year?

This year, the global economic outlook and social issues like the refugee crisis, food inequalities among regions and gender equality and gender violence, will be especially important. In terms of economic issues, debates over emerging economies will become particularly relevant, such as the economic alternatives for Latin America following the rise of raw materials or the changing role of China in the global economy.

In relation to financial markets, the IMF will take advantage of the opportunity to present its Global Financial Stability Report, in addition to the seminars and forums. Regarding banks, innovative financial solutions to tackle the challenges of digital development in finance will be debated.

The Spring Meetings also serve as a framework for other groups to hold meetings, such as the G24 and the G20; or for more financial issues, the Institute of International Finance and Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum.

Twitter post: More than 8,500 people from 150 countries will attend the IMF and WB Spring Meetings.

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