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Shareholders' meeting 10 Mar 2020

BBVA statement to its shareholders regarding 2020 Annual General Meeting

BBVA’s 2020 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (AGM) is scheduled to be held next March 13, 2020, on first call, at the Euskalduna Conference Center in Bilbao. BBVA wishes and promotes the participation of its shareholders in such an important event for the company. For that reason, the bank has made available to its shareholders the appropriate channels to enable the exercise of their rights remotely, which are described in the Annual General Meeting section on the corporate website.

In light of the situation resulting from the coronavirus (Covid-19), we inform you that, in accordance with the protocols set by Spanish public health authorities, the Bank has the intention to hold its AGM as planned and communicated in the meeting notice, whilst complying with the measures established by the relevant authorities.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we encourage shareholders who wish to participate in the AGM but prefer not to attend in person, to exercise their vote or grant proxy remotely.

Those votes and proxies submitted remotely and received before 12:00 noon on the day prior to the meeting, will be counted in the quorum with all votes submitted.

Furthermore, given the current circumstances, and taking into account that, as of this date, the deadline to submit written questions before the AGM has expired, it has been exceptionally decided to extend said deadline to exercise the right to information before the AGM takes place, as follows:

Extension of the deadline to exercise the right to information via

The deadline to exercise the right to information in writing, via, is extended until March 13, 2020, at 12:00 noon, namely, until the expected start of the meeting.

Shareholders who wish to exercise this right to information can do so by using the form that is available under the ‘Right to Information’ section of the ‘Annual General Meeting 2020’ space of the corporate website, following the instructions included therein.

Requests for information will be addressed during the meeting or in the following seven days.

Shareholders who would like their intervention to be recorded in the minutes of the meeting should communicate this explicitly in the communication submitted to the Company. For these purposes, the intervention should not exceed 7,500 characters.

Finally, we inform you that the AGM may be followed via streaming on

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