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Adoration of the Magi. Valerio Castello (second half of the 17th Century)

One of the most striking features of this painting by Valerio Castello, baroque master of the Italian school, is the golden atmosphere that impregnates the work, a reflection of Anton Van Dyck’s influence. The contorted and nervous shapes of the strokes, Virgin Mary’s elongated neck, shows the author’s admiration for Antonio da Correggio, another master of the baroque painting.

Ever since the early Middle Ages, Christmas festivities have inspired works from painters and sculptors, depicting the scenes of worship by the Three Wise Men and shepherds, the Virgin Mary with the Child or the Holy Family. This photo gallery offers a glimpse at some of the Christmas-themed works in the BBVA Collection, unveiling some of the secrets that hide behind these paints.

You can see more of the master works that populate the BBVA Collection by visiting its website.

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