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BBVA world Updated: 06 Nov 2018

Garbiñe Muguruza: “I owe my success to my love and passion for tennis”

Garbiñe Muguruza is back in competition. The BBVA Ambassador discussed the current state of affairs in the women’s circuit, and was happy to take a look back at her successful campaign in this year’s Wimbledon. But, being the winner she is, the Spanish-Venezuelan tennis player is already eyeing new challenges. The first of them will be in Toronto and the next in Cincinnati, to arrive at the US Open in optimal conditions.

The Toronto Rogers Cup will be her first tournament after her successful Wimbledon campaign. The BBVA Ambassador, who will be departing toward Canada today, will arrive in excellent physical shape and highly motivated. Ranked 9th in the WTA Tour, she hopes to make it to the final rounds of the US Open Series tournaments leading up to the last Grand Slam of the Season.

Picture of Garbine Muguruza during the interview

Garbiñe Muguruza will be travelling today to Canada to play the Rogers Cup in Toronto, which starts on August 8th. This will be her first tournament after reaching her first Grand Slam final in this year’s Wimbledon.  “My life hasn’t changed at all because I do things exactly the same: I train like I’ve always trained, my goals don’t change,” she said regarding her Wimbledon success. “We need to keep on doing things like we are so that everything goes well.”

Serena Williams’ also had some nice words for her after the final “I’ve always looked up to her. I've admired her game ever since I was a child and, for me, anything she has to say is worth listening and paying attention to” said Muguruza.

Breaking into the Top 10 of the WTA Ranking

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The Wimbledon final has allowed her to break the WTA Top 10 for the first time in her career

The Wimbledon final has allowed her to break the WTA Top 10 for the first time in her career. She also attributes her success to her passion and dedication to the sport she loves: “I believe that I owe my success to my love for tennis. I really love what I do, there is nothing I like doing more. I enjoy every training session, every tournament I play. I love it and it motivates me. I’m eager to keep on improving and climbing positions.”

The experience she’s gained during the first half of the season has built up her confidence on the court. “I have improved a lot in terms of always staying more positive, more focused during hard or big matches, as well as in more stressful and demanding rounds. Knowing how to handle these situations to keep your rival from beating you”, she said.

Regarding North American tournaments and the US Open

The Rogers Cup will be the first tournament Garbiñe Muguruza plays in America. The warm-up before the highly awaited US Open. The BBVA Ambassador expects to arrive at the last Grand Slam of the season in perfect shape and expects to do good in order to improve her WTA ranking. “I’m very excited and motivated about the US Open, after seeing that I could really step up against good players”, said Muguruza.

Garbiñe will play the Toronto and Cincinnati WTA Premiers, to then rest for one week before the start of the last Grand Slam of the year in New York, which will start on August 31st.

Follow the Garbiñe Muguruza's footsteps, BBVA ambassador

Picture of Garbiñe Muguruza Wimbledon Championship

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