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Design Act. 13 Jul 2017

Our journey: a BBVA's design team manifesto

BBVA design department

Design is at the heart of the transformation at BBVA. We work placing people at the heart of all what we do. We work to keep this change happening every day. Know what's motivating us to create within BBVA.

We listen to people’s needs

We think through the client’s eye and are the customer’s voice. We always start working from the understanding of people’s needs.

We solve problems

We follow the double diamond design process to move from problems to solutions. Design is not art, it is an iterative process to develop and enable the implementation of the best ideas and available resources. We strive for our work to translate results for the rest of the organisation.

We work collaboratively

We work alongside our colleagues. We are opening every step of the process and harnessing all the knowledge with the interdisciplinary teams. We are building bridges amongst silos partnering with our colleagues to create the best results.

We drive transformation

We believe design has a real business impact, that it is not creative indulgence. We facilitate organisational transformation through collaboration and balancing people’s needs, technology capabilities and business goals.

We craft beauty with meaning

We work on complexity to deliver simplicity. We deliver beautiful and meaningful customer experiences. We do this across all projects to humanize technology.

We design to build trust

We believe in real responsible business. We have a commitment designing for transparency and clarity. We take all actions needed in order to help delivering trust.

We create opportunities

We reflect around people’s pains, gains and needs around money and ask ourselves: how can we create opportunities for our customers?

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