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13 Feb 2020

BBVA is gearing up for the first anniversary of the global unification of its brand identity. The introduction in the bank’s different locations is progressing at a good pace, thanks to the coordinated work of local teams to change both physical and digital assets. In fact, some countries like Argentina and Uruguay have already completed the process. On a global scale, in less than a year, over 3,600 branches around the world have been changed, and 1,000 logos have been adapted on different channels.

21 Oct 2019

BBVA has been a pioneer in its commitment to talented young designers with the launch of its training and recruitment program. One of the architects of the program, Elena Herbosa, the Head of Talent Acquisition for Design at BBVA, explains the bank’s experience building one of the industry’s top design teams and how she sees the future of the profession in the banking sector.

30 Jul 2019

18 Jun 2019

Some of the biggest secrets in business are known to just a handful of people. Think of the recipes for Coca-Cola, or the KFC coating, or the ingredients in WD-40. But when it comes to secretly planning to change the brand for an entire business – and swapping out tens of thousands of physical and digital logos in the process – letting only a few people in on the secret is never going to be enough.

12 Jun 2019

10 Jun 2019

26 Mar 2019

Designers around the world working for the BBVA Group now have a pioneering new tool at their disposal. The platform allows designers to reuse parts in order to create homogenous digital banking experiences across all of the countries where the bank has a presence. BBVA, with presence in 30 countries, is the first bank to launch a platform like this on such an international scale and in multiple continents.

18 Mar 2019

When it comes to designing customer interaction with online services – whether from a GPS navigator or through a mobile banking app – it is more and more common to design automated features that anticipate customer issues.

27 Nov 2018

BBVA’s online digital acquisition for corporate customers is not only simple and convenient, but also presents an attractive design. This service was recognized at the 2018 Ibero-American Design Biennial with an award in the ‘Service Design’; category. The design team set out to emulate a real-life exchange with the customer through a digital interface, mimicking the tone and approach that an agent would typically use when tending to a potential customer.

14 Nov 2018

Salvador Valle is head of user experience at BBVA Next Technologies, where he researches on new interaction models. In this article, he explains some basic concepts to get started in the world of visual thinking, and making the most of these sketching techniques to explain and disseminate ideas.

04 Sep 2018

Marga Barrera, Global Head of Design and UX (User Experience) at BBVA, speaks with Spain’s leading business newspaper, “Expansión” about her role and the effort her team is making to transform the bank into a digital business that delivers value-added products to its customers every quarter. “Design is a profession on the rise, that will have a lot of influence in the coming years.” states Barrera who emphasizes that in the current climate where companies are competing for talent with big firms like Microsoft, a commitment to design is essential.

13 Mar 2018

The ‘Design Ambassadors’ program, which has already reached its first milestone on a global level, was set up with the idea of creating hybrid employee profiles capable of applying the principles of design thinking in BBVA’s different business areas worldwide.

08 Mar 2018

19 Feb 2018

02 Feb 2018

19 Jan 2018

Service design is a strategic element in BBVA’s approach to understanding and satisfying customers’ needs at a time of great challenges for the banking industry. This year, a member of BBVA´s design team will give classes at two Spanish academic institutions, to share his knowledge with future professionals.

07 Nov 2017

06 Nov 2017

Madrid hosted last week the Service Design Global Conference (SDGC17), a leading event in the world of service design that pays special attention to how this discipline is changing the world of banking. BBVA took part in one of the sessions to explain how design is, without a doubt, a key element in the success of its financial products and in satisfying customer needs at a time of great challenges for banking.

03 Nov 2017

25 Sep 2017

18 Jul 2017

11 Jul 2017

The rapid pace of development witnessed in 21st century civilization has turned many a world upside down. Disruptive products, services and technologies continue to manifest at an almost unfollowable rate, while societies and markets exhibit increasing magnitudes of complexity.

04 Jul 2017

23 Jun 2017

13 Jun 2017

When a customer takes money out of an ATM, pays a bill with an app, or sells stocks online, it’s a key moment in their relationship with a bank. That’s why designers (design researchers, service designers, design strategists, UX designers, etc.) are playing a vital role in the digital transformation underway in the banking industry.

12 Jun 2017

At BBVA we work in teams, where creativity and knowledge is shared. The Triangle is BBVA’s method for creating interdisciplinary project teams, ensuring that all the right people and perspectives are engaged from the beginning!

Design is at the heart of the transformation at BBVA. We work placing people at the heart of all what we do. We work to keep this change happening every day. Know what’s motivating us to create within BBVA.

02 Jun 2017

BBVA has made design a strategic function within the organization. Digital banking and the development of latest-generation digital products and services  have made financial services evolve towards a new model – one that is closer, more humane and focused on the customer.

26 May 2017

28 Mar 2016

Having good information and reliable data is only the first step to achieving a presentation or story that attracts your audience’s attention. There are several online tools available today that enable us to visualize data more clearly and effectively than if we content ourselves with presenting them in a traditional way.

26 Nov 2015

08 Jul 2015

Because of the growing size and importance of the service sector, both in number of employees and in terms of economic significance, services need to be designed with attention to detail to offer greater competition and continue to attract more customers.

17 Apr 2015

Our car registers a ton of data: speed, routes, gasoline consumption. Data that is useful to us now but that in the future will be applied within a larger ecosystem of big data where all this information will be used efficiently to improve our security and to drive more efficiently. The time is yet to come, but we will give you the keys to knowing everything that will be seen in the coming years.

26 Aug 2014

04 Jul 2014

“It’s not outsourcing; it’s crowdsourcing” published Wired in its June 2006 issue 2006, thus creating a neologism that from then on would be used to describe problem solving and/or idea generating through an open and participative process. Since then, the big companies have been using this procedure more and more. Examples are: