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Loans 14 Oct 2019

Univfy and BBVA USA collaborate to bring Express Healthcare Loan Program with competitive rates to fertility patients at participating IVF centers

Univfy®, an AI platform company whose mission is to improve fertility patients’ experience and access to in vitro fertilization (IVF), announced today a collaboration with BBVA USA, the U.S. subsidiary of global financial institution BBVA, to offer a finance program with rates starting at 0% APR (up to 18.99%).

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BBVA Express Healthcare Loan Program for IVF, which is expected to enable more individuals and couples to receive IVF treatment when needed, is available to patients at participating Univfy-affiliated IVF Centers. The new finance program offers fixed-interest rates, flexible loan terms, no application fees, and direct fund disbursement to the participating IVF center as quickly as 24 hours after the loan is closed.

Khwaja: I can’t wait to measure our success in this program by the families we have helped.

“At BBVA, our purpose is to bring the age of opportunity to everyone and I can think of no finer – or more rewarding – way to achieve that goal than by working with Univfy® to help those dedicated to making their dreams of a family come true,” said BBVA USA Executive Director of Business Execution Shayan Khwaja. “It’s our privilege to work with a company like Univfy that uses 21st century technologies to positively impact society and people. I can’t wait to measure our success in this program by the families we have helped.”

In the U.S., IVF is the most effective treatment for many of the 7 million women and couples experiencing the medical condition infertility. The high cost and the uncertainty of the outcome has kept many women from undergoing treatment.

The cost of one IVF cycle can reach $10,000 to $20,000, and more than 70% of patients seeking IVF do not have full insurance coverage for the treatment, while more than half of patients need at least two to three treatment cycles to have a baby. If the first IVF cycle is not successful, up to 80% of patients quit treatment, presumably due to emotional and financial exhaustion. Univfy is dedicated to significantly improving the patients’ experience, including predictability and affordability of multiple IVF treatments needed to have a baby through its Univfy AI Platform for IVF.* The Univfy platform and its flagship product, the Univfy PreIVFTM Report – developed based on proprietary technology and research published in top, peer-reviewed medical journals – provide an accurate IVF success probability that takes into account personalized health profiles and is validated based on the center’s own past clinical outcomes.

Dr. Yao: Our goal for this collaboration with BBVA is to help more women and couples build their families.

“I am thrilled and privileged that Univfy is bringing BBVA USA, a top 25 US bank with consumer lending expertise, to provide fertility patients with a better option to fund their IVF treatment,” said Dr. Mylene Yao, CEO and Co-Founder of Univfy. “Navigating fertility treatment can be stressful both emotionally and financially. Our goal for this collaboration with BBVA is to help more women and couples build their families and as importantly, provide a funding option that may help reduce financial stress as they welcome their newborns.”

How the Univfy AI Platform* for IVF and the BBVA Express Healthcare Loan can help more patients succeed with IVF treatment.

Univfy-powered providers give their patients the Univfy PreIVFTM Report,* which provides an accurate IVF success probability. In addition, each patient is informed of her financial options, including eligibility and potential cost-savings associated with multi-cycle treatment and the Univfy-powered refund program** offered by her provider. This integration of medical and financial transparency allows a patient/couple and her doctor to plan for a course of treatment that is personalized to give her the best chance of having a baby.

Statistics show that more than half of IVF patients need two or three treatments to conceive. To maximize affordability and the per-dollar-success rate, Univfy applies machine learning to clinical data to help providers design their own, in-house refund warranty programs.

Many patients have already benefited from using IVF refund warranty programs powered by Univfy to reduce their financial risk when pursuing IVF treatment. Univfy helps 50% to 80% of fertility patients qualify for their providers’ IVF refund warranty program which allows patients to do up to three IVF cycles and an unlimited number of embryo transfers.

The BBVA Express Healthcare Loan is available in amounts ranging from $2,000 to $35,000 for qualified applicants and may be used to fund fertility treatments provided by participating Univfy-affiliated IVF centers. Loan program qualification is based only on the credit application and the terms and conditions outlined by BBVA and is not restricted to or affected by any particular types of infertility conditions, fertility treatments, or eligibility or usage of IVF refund warranty programs.

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*US Patent Number 9,458,49582, foreign counterparts and other issued and pending patents.

**Each IVF center alone determines and administers its own multi-course IVF treatment programs which may vary in the exact types and number of services that are included. Not all IVF centers using the Univfy AI Platform are offering the BBVA Express Healthcare Loan.

The Univfy PreIVF Report is provided by Univfy. BBVA USA is not affiliated with Univfy or participating IVF centers. BBVA USA is not responsible for and does not guarantee the Univfy PreIVF Report, any other Univfy products or services, or any services, including any IVF refund programs, provided by participating IVF centers.