Video: Why we work with Fintechs?

Digital transformation is at the heart of BBVA. It’s how we will achieve our purpose to bring the age of opportunity to everyone. Our purpose reflects the bank’s role as a facilitator, offering customers the best banking solutions, helping them make the best financial decisions and making a real difference to their lives. We live in the age of opportunities where technology offers universal access to education and offers many more people than ever before the possibility of embarking on projects and pursuing their dreams.

The key to BBVA delivering customer and client-centric products and services that empower people and add value to their lives lies in developing, accessing and adopting the very best fintech solutions that exist anywhere in the world.

We do this is by investing in and partnering with cutting edge businesses that are building the future of financial services right now.

 * Our CEO Carlos Torres Vila, our Head of Customer Solutions Derek White and Jay Reinemann, Managing Partner of Propel Venture Partners, which invests money on behalf of BBVA in innovative tech companies, explain why we work so closely with the global fintech ecosystem

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