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BBVA Compass creates leadership opportunities for all employees

BBVA Compass recently rolled out a new app and online platform that makes it easier for employees at every level to develop their leadership skills.

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LeaderLINK, a program developed by the bank’s Talent & Culture Solutions Development team, gives all team members access to events and content designed to foster and develop leadership skills. In addition, the program also provides opportunities for employees throughout the company to interact with senior leadership in a casual setting.

More than anything, we want team members to understand that we can all be leaders, regardless of our job title or pay grade.

“This is a new type of career development opportunity that’s different from the more structured programs the bank has offered in the past,” said Solutions Development team member Rudby Green. “More than anything, we want team members to understand that we can all be leaders, regardless of our job title or pay grade.”

Compliance Officer Kimothi Mitchell attended a LeaderLINK event in Birmingham featuring Chief Talent & Culture Executive Rosilyn Houston and Chief Compliance Officer Celie Niehaus, who shared their experiences on the path to success.

“Hearing those stories from two of our female leaders helped me realize that my career goals are attainable as long as I continue to apply myself,” Mitchell said. “It was great being in that relaxed environment where Rosilyn and Celie were so open and candid.”

Houston-based Credit Products Officer Leslie Cook attended her first LeaderLINK event, facilitated by Chief Operating Officer Rafael Bustillo. She cited the opportunity to connect with leaders in a casual setting as its biggest benefit., which allowed team members to relate to them on a more personal basis.

“The setting gave us an opportunity to relate to leaders,” said Cook. “Rafael told us about his family's immigration to the U.S. from Cuba when he was a child. It made a huge impact on me to hear such a personal and emotional story from someone in leadership.”

Cook added that Bustillo was able to connect the challenges he faced immigrating to the U.S. and how it motivated him in his professional life. “His story was a reminder that in the face of challenge, there is opportunity.”