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BBVAMF receives award for helping “build and rebuild a historic region”

Emprendedora colombiana FMBBVA

The Ibero-American Communication Association (ASICOM), together with the University of Oviedo and other iberoamerican institutions, awarded the work implemented by the BBVA Microfinance Foundation in Latin America, where it accompanies more than 2.3 million low-income entrepreneurs in five countries in the region. According to the organizers, this award acknowledges the work of the Foundation in “improving the standard of living of millions of people with their efforts.”

The Northeastern territorial director of BBVA, Yolanda Martínez-Bajo, received this recognition on behalf of BBVAMF, and she emphasized the importance of receiving such acknowledgements, which imply an “enormous motivation for BBVA Microfinance Foundation to continue supporting entrepreneurs living under vulnerable conditions.” And to them, the Foundation dedicated this award, because in these times of hardship, “they are showing versatility and perseverance to move forward, adapting their businesses and reinventing themselves with great effort, worthy of praise.”

In the words of the BBVA director, this effort is accompanied by the commitment of the more than 8,200 employees in the six institutions of the BBVAMF, who work “convinced that contributing to reduce poverty is an extraordinary way to bring the age of opportunity to everyone.”

The ceremony took place in the assembly hall of the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo, with the attendance of the Dean, the Mayor and the Vice President of ASICOM. Among other laureates are historian Raquel Varela, former football player and coach Vicente del Bosque, scientist Raúl Rojas Martínez, sports journalist Juan Ignacio Gallardo and musician Silvio Rodríguez. BBVA Microfinance Foundation is the only institution to receive this award.

Fotografía de la entrega premio ASICOM-Universidad de Oviedo a la FMBBVA

Award-winners with the Dean of the University of Oviedo, the Mayor and other local representatives and the Vice President of ASICOM

“All of them represent the most select in our countries in different fields: from historic and scientific research, to sports, journalism and development finance”, assured ASICOM Vice President, Laura Galguera. To conclude the event, she thanked the contribution and the example of all the laureates “in building Iberoamerica and a world, more just and more dignified.”

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