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Corporate information 19 Feb 2020

For the next Annual General Meeting, BBVA shareholders will be able to vote on the bank’s website and app

BBVA is now offering its shareholders the possibility of exercising their right to vote or the delegation of this right through three channels: the websites and, and the bank’s mobile banking app. These voting and delegation options are available from February 19th through March 12th. BBVA’s Annual General Meeting is planned for March 13th in Bilbao.

All BBVA shareholders will be able to cast or delegate their votes on the websites mentioned above, and the app if they wish. Shareholders who hold multichannel contracts with BBVA will be able to cast or delegate their vote using their own password (without having to take any additional steps at a branch or on the website) on, or on the mobile banking app (they should have the latest version of the app installed). They can also access the “Online Shareholders Forum” using their own passwords.

Once they have logged into the website or BBVA’s mobile banking app with their normal user name and password, they should click on the banner “2020 Annual General Meeting BBVA”  in the “Saving and investing” section of the app. Next, they should read and accept the data protection clause. After completing this step, they will be able to cast or delegate their vote.

If they choose to delegate their vote, they have the possibility of delegating it to the Chairman of the Board, or to another representative, for which they will need to include all of the representative’s information, print the confirmation and give it to the person.

How do shareholders without a multichannel contract vote?

Shareholders who are customers, but do not hold a multichannel contract with BBVA, and those who are bank customers (or are legal entities) can cast or delegate their vote on the corporate website In this case, they will need a password to access the Annual General Meeting web services to cast or delegate their vote electronically. The password is also valid to participate in the “Online Shareholders Forum”.

Shareholders can obtain this password in the section “Electronic vote and proxy” and “Online Shareholders Forum” on the website (

In addition, they should validate the password by printing a form available on the website in the section “2020 Annual General Meeting BBVA/Electronic vote and proxy”. Then, they need to take the form to a BBVA branch to validate the password. Once it has been validated, they will be able to cast or delegate their vote electronically.

Finally, they should click on the section “If you have already activated your access password, you can cast your vote or delegate it to a representative here”. There, they can choose between the options of casting or delegating their vote.

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