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Mobile banking Act. 08 Jan 2019

Garanti Stories, new feature on Garanti mobile banking app

Garanti Bank is expanding its unique range of innovative products and services with the rollout of Garanti Stories, a new feature embedded in the Garanti Cep app. Garanti Stories offers services that go beyond traditional banking while fulfilling customers' basic needs and expectations, delivering an experience similar to the stories on popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Garanti Cep users can now access relevant content through the Garanti Stories section on the application's landing screen. Garanti Stories offers digital product and service promotions, campaigns, tutoring and information specific to customers' needs, with content that helps users in their everyday lives. Moreover, the information is linked to products in Garanti Cep’s digital content area, allowing users to quickly access and complete their transactions.

Garanti Stories also allows users to increase their ability to interact with Garanti. These new increasingly popular forms of digital engagement are becoming a key element of Garanti's competitive strategy across emerging digital channels such as startup apps, e-commerce websites and social media applications.

"Our goal is to raise awareness among our users about the digital services and products that are available"

"As a longstanding financial industry leader that has outlined a digitization-based differentiation strategy to stand out in an increasingly challenging market, one of our priorities is ensuring that our banking apps boast the latest, cutting-edge, features enabled by technology," Garanti Bank Executive Vice President - Digital Banking, Didem Dinçer Başer said.

Dinçer Başer said that Garanti Stories aims to provide information to its customers from a different perspective. “Our goal is to raise awareness among our users about the digital services and products that are available, offering them an amazing and entertaining digital experience, with stories and original content.”  According to the executive, “We are committed to our customers, and focus on never losing touch with their needs and expectations. Thus, we will continue to develop and diversify our product and service portfolio to make their lives easier in an increasingly digital world."

True to Garanti’s commitment to bring industry-leading innovative digital products and seamless experiences to its customers, Garanti Stories has been developed applying the agile methodology, a methodological framework that expedites the development of new products through the involvement of a broad cross-functional team in the entire development process, from initial concept to product testing.

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