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BBVA Podcast 30 Jul 2019

Podcast: Visions of the future - what do conferences like Money 20/20 tell us about the future of the financial services sector?

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When it comes to seeing what is coming down the line in financial services, the sector’s wide range of industry conferences is a great place to start.

These events, such as Money 20/20 in Amsterdam last month, see thousands of people attend, speaking about what is new in banking, showing off their latest innovations and debating the trends likely to shape the sector’s future.

For BBVA it is a chance to start collaborations with the kind of fast growth disruptive fintech businesses that we believe will better help our customers and clients achieve their ambitions and make the best use of both their data and financial assets.

It's also a fantastic opportunity to share some of the bank’s thinking around how we are transforming from being a bank to a trusted advisor and the critical importance of openness in the sector. Perhaps more importantly, to hear from leaders in their field about where they think the industry is heading.

In this Podcast we are going to do exactly that - and to explore two key areas that are shaping the future of the banking industry and that will ultimately affect how we bank in the future: Firstly, the technological data-driven trends emerging in the sector, for example how the shift from closed to open can give life to new industry verticals like banking as a service.

And secondly, how the relationship model between big banks like BBVA and fast growth start-up companies is changing and what this might mean for customers.

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