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Financial and commercial services Updated: 03 Apr 2018

What is treasury management and how can BBVA Compass help?

What is treasury management? For business owners and operators, this is a key term that could shed light on how your business needs to operate to succeed.

Simply put, the goal of most treasury management departments is to optimize a company’s working capital. In order to do so, and to manage your company’s resources effectively, you need tools that help you do the following:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Speed access to information
  • Automate routine processes

So how can BBVA Compass help in this area?

Check out what the treasury management team can provide, including its award-winning customer service.

Before you click on that, here are a few things you could be getting from the BBVA Compass treasury management team:

Information Management: If information is power, this service is definitely a must have. You can access critical data quickly, easily, a securely using the bank’s advanced online tools. Check out products like Compass e-Access®, Compass e-Transmit® and more.

Risk Management: With the dangers of potential fraud, BBVA Compass offers solutions to enhance security that safeguard information and minimize fraud risk.

Global Cash Solutions: Spanning the globe these days with your company? You can optimize management of your company’s finances in multiple countries. It doesn’t hurt that BBVA has a strong international presence. De nada (you’re welcome).

Are you a treasury management customer?  You have resources at your fingertips. Literally. Check out BBVA Compass’ treasury management resource central. Not a treasury management client? What are you waiting for? Contact BBVA Compass today!

All accounts and credit are subject to approval including credit approval.