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Momentum Act. 10 Oct 2019

An overview of the social enterprises participating in BBVA Momentum 2019

BBVA Momentum 2019_apertura

The number of finalists in this year’s edition of BBVA Momentum, BBVA’s social entrepreneurship support program, has grown exponentially to 169 enterprises from Colombia, United States, Mexico and Turkey. All these enterprises compose a mosaic that perfectly reflects the social and environmental concerns of global society.

BBVA Momentum 2019 is setting new records. This year’s edition first call elicited a downpour of applications (954) that beat all expectations. The final shortlist is equally impressive, with 169 entrants: Colombia (40), United States (19), Mexico (100) and Turquía (10).

info momentum eng_Mesa de trabajo 1_Mesa de trabajo 1

Their own space

Just like in every edition, the program takes great care in providing each one of these enterprises with the visibility and space they deserve. That’s why each one’s been given their own place on BBVA Momentum’s website, under the ‘Enterprises’ section. In this section, visitors can find a complete profile on each enterprise, containing key details such as year of foundation, location, productive sector, social impact, a brief explanatory text of its activity, an image gallery and links to the company’s website and social media proflies.

One thing that strikes when taking a quick look at the information available on the website is the diversity of the solutions proposed by the shortlisted projects, even when they target the same sector of activity. For example, the 55 finalists that focus on the power, utility and environment sector, far from just repeating themselves, propose different solutions, where innovation is always present. from the treatment of electronic waste proposed by All these solutions are clearly explained in detail in the profiles posted on the program’s website.

In Green

BBVA Momentum 2019 is definitely the program’s greenest edition to date. Taking a look a the classification based on the social issues they address, of the 169 finalists, 101 focus on finding solutions to environmental and rural challenges. Their approaches, once again, are strikingly diverse: some are educational, such as Finca Tres Robles, from the U.S.; others, like Artepanía in Mexico, culinary; technological such as Turkish Pulsec; or focused on fashion, such as Fokus Green in Colombia.

It is worth taking a look to the infograhic with the complete classification of the shortlisted entrants by activity and area of focus, and devoting some time to browse through BBVA Momentum’s website to find out more about them. To narrow down results, it is advisable to use the webpage’s search engine applying the required filters (by activity sector, social impact, geographic area and year of participation in the program). This will makes it much easier to find whatever information you’re looking for.

Each company proflie is an opportunity to delve deeper into the story behind each finalist and find insipiration in y the solutions they propose. Their experience is the best proof that with passion, hard work and a clear goal, it is possible to change, a bit, the world for the best.

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