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Current news 14 Feb 2020

BBVA CEO Onur Genç visits BBVA’s U.S. operations

BBVA CEO Onur Genç recently visited the U.S. operations of BBVA in a homecoming of sorts. As the President and CEO of the global financial services company’s U.S. subsidiary in 2017 and 2018, Genç is highly familiar with the bank’s U.S. operations, and the team was glad to welcome him back for a series of meetings meant to encourage the market as they begin the execution phase of the bank’s new 5-year strategic plan.

foto equipo USA - ONur Genç 2020

The plan, dubbed BiB (Best Bank in the Best Region), is underscored by six pillars that are guiding BBVA globally and provides an ambitious road map aimed at growing the bank while transforming the way it does business through continuous improvements in data, technology and operations. It also includes developing solutions that help clients improve their financial health through advanced technological innovation and a focus on helping clients transition toward a sustainable future.

“We are fully committed to the U.S. and our operations here," said Genç, "particularly given how favorably the individual states in our footprint compare with other countries where the bank has a presence.”

While in the U.S., Genç visited one of the bank branches in Texas,- a state where the bank is the fourth largest - that participated in a pilot for the universal banker model. The program is meant to simplify customers’ lives, giving them a personal banker who is able to handle the bulk of their financial needs in one stop.

Genç commented on the personal advice aspect of the new branch service model, saying that it illustrates the idea that the bank should be people serving people giving timely and relevant advice that meets their needs, and further, that it underscores the global strategic priority of operational excellence.

Onur Genç - Equipo USA 2020

BBVA CEO Onur Genç in a meeting with the U.S. executive team.

The universal banker model is a good example of transforming a global priority into a local reality,” he said. “As a Group, BBVA is focused on operational excellence. How that is expressed in each country will be according to what makes the most sense for them.”

In addition to the branch visit, Genç also spent time meeting with the key business areas that make up the bank, listening and understanding the priorities that are guiding them in 2020, and expressing the Group’s support and expectation of success.

This market - and the geographies where we operate - have untapped opportunities,” he told them. “I know this team, and I know how capable you are. Your execution of the bank’s strategic plan will yield huge successes and milestones for you, our customers and our communities in the years to come, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a firsthand witness to your success.”

"The U.S. team is proud that Onur is our Global CEO," said BBVA USA President and CEO Javier Rodríguez Soler. "We know that we will continue to have the full backing and support of the global units because Onur appreciates and understands firsthand the opportunities, challenges and relevance of this market."