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19 Apr 2017

29 Apr 2016

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila said today that the sustainability of the banking business model in the current context of negative interest rates requires a change: To leave behind a money-centric infrastructure, based on revenues generated by interests, and develop a banking model that seeks to make a bigger difference in customers' lives. Speaking during BBVA’s Q1 2016 results presentation, Carlos Torres Vila expressed his conviction that “the more we are capable of offering a distinctive value, the more satisfied customers will be and the more viable and sustainable our business model will be.”

09 Mar 2016

03 Mar 2016

The world of business resorts to a series of ratios - Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Investment (ROI) or Risk-Adjusted Return (RAR) – to gauge a company’s profitability and activity.

We at BBVA strive to help our company achieve the best results. But besides what and how much we achieve, we worry about how those results are achieved. That is why we also talk about principle-adjusted return, one of the levers on which we have built our distinctive banking model, which we call responsible banking.

05 May 2015

The Board of Directors of BBVA named Carlos Torres Vila president & COO at a meeting held today in Madrid, replacing Ángel Cano. The Board also approved a new organizational structure that puts digital transformation at the center of the strategy to accelerate its execution, while creating a function with the sole mission of managing the countries’ networks and operations to enhance results.