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Economy> Macroeconomics> Global markets Updated: 11 Jul 2019

What to study to become a good trader?

Getting into certain professional fields can be a difficult task. There are no exact formulas or specific studies that open the door to certain jobs. A clear example of this is financial product trader. This is an attractive career for many because of the chance it offers – not always feasible – of earning a lot of money in a short period of time. But this entails big unknowns, among which is the key question: How do I become a good trader?

A trader plays a fundamental role in the world of finance. His/her job consists in setting quotes for sales and managing the risks stemming from this. This is a profession on the up and in which banks such as Goldman Sachs have decided recently to invest more resources to take advantage of the current global economic situation which has led to a pick-up in trading activity.

First steps in the world of trading

Most young students who want to become traders do not know the path to take and the steps they need to follow in order to achieve this. The university careers most focused on this type of profession are economics, business administration and corporate management and mathematics.

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There is a wide range of options for the student who wants to deepen the learning process and expand his/her knowledge such as postgraduate degrees in Banking and Financial Markets. In this field, the Masters in Banking and Finance of the Centro de Estudios Garrigues stands out. What also catches the eye are the postgraduate degrees in the Stock Market and Financial Markets of the IEB and Banking and Finance (AFI-U. Internacional Menéndez Pelayo).

However, not everyone with mastery of and knowledge of the mysteries of the financial markets have higher degrees such as mentioned above. Undoubtedly, the more extensive and complete our training is, the better are the tools and resources we can call. However, we’re not talking about a must-have requirement or magic formula to become a trader.

The psychological factor is decisive in the business of trading. Some of the recommendations experts make to minimize risks and avoid errors include managing to shut out the constant noise of the market while taking quick decisions without being held sway to impulses and emotions.

Get started with BBVA Trader

For users with the profile of a trader or heavy trader, BBVA offers a platform 100% designed and focused on trading. Through this website, the bank facilitates customers and non-customers specialized services and content providing complete information on market analysis, both BBVA’s own as well as that of third parties. It offers courses, tools and also events categorized according to their level of difficulty so that students can have first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of this profession.

The platform provides an extensive list of tutorials ranging from an explanation of investment strategies using warrants, to recognizing trend change patterns in technical analysis. It also offers manuals and courses to understand and handle tools such as BBVA Trader Pro, and simple guides on operating and contracting among other operations. Lastly, BBVA also organizes events to introduce those interested to the world of trading in a simple and clear manner.