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Blockchain Updated: 19 Jul 2018

BBVA signs new blockchain-based corporate loan with ACS

Having successfully carried out the first pilots in the world of a loan and a corporate credit facility using blockchain, BBVA has signed a new loan with ACS using this technology. The deal shows that BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking is continuing to focus on an innovative financing model for its corporate clients.

BBVA and ACS have signed a €100-million-euro long-term bilateral corporate loan to be used for financial general needs. The use of blockchain technology in this type of operations is a great leap forward in efficiency in financial processes.

BBVA is continuing to focus on an innovative financing model for its corporate clients

Blockchain technology can bring significant improvements. It guarantees the transparency and traceability of contracting, with both ACS and BBVA being able to independently consult at any time the state of the contractual process and the conditions due to the traceability afforded by the technology. The system also digitizes the negotiating process leading to a shortening in the management time from days to hours.

Digital transformation also applied to corporate loans

BBVA is a benchmark in the transformation of the financial industry. In the area of wholesale banking, the Group is innovating both financial products as well digitizing solutions with the aim of enhancing the experience of business clients and corporations.

This entails constantly working with corporate clients with the view to not only offering better financial solutions but also the latest technological innovations on blockchain.

BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking is a pioneer in the advantages offered by technology to enhance the agility and transparency of its core products such as corporate lending as a step toward a Do-it-Yourself financing model for business clients and corporations.