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The Mexican startup Bluemessaging's commitment to artificial intelligence

The platform offers flexibility to collect data and automate processes with advanced cloud solutions. The service works on multiple digital channels, from SMS, Facebook, websites and mobile applications to  messaging apps.

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“There is more talent in Mexico than in Silicon Valley”. This is the forceful argument of Andrés Rodríguez, founder of BlueMessaging, a Big Data platform that incorporates artificial intelligence. Rodríguez insists that there is “much innovative talent” in this country and points out that he has worked in Silicon Valley and in Mexico to be able to compare them.

According to its management, Bluemessaging is a startup capable of processing millions of requests at the same time and generating savings of up to 50% compared with other platforms or service centers.

This startup has been assisted by the Program to Stimulate Innovation (PEI) and the Technological Innovation Fund (FIT), both run by the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt), the latter in partnership with the Secretariat of Economy (SE). Through them, the company received nine million pesos to improve its technology systems.

“With this support we were able to come into contact with specialists in technological development from universities such as Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), which helped us develop new mechanisms for improving our Ad Chat service, that offers brands an automated customer service”, explained Rodríguez.

Thanks to the FIT, which supported Rodríguez at the end of 2012, BlueMessaging developed a software that enables efficient data classification and the generation and management of valuable information for its customers. For example, according to this entrepreneur, the system stores information on the tastes, preferences and consumption habits of customers, so they can make customized suggestions.

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With the second support from the Fund, which was granted in 2013, the company was able to improve its natural language recognition algorithms so the system answers in a consistent and precise way the questions that customers have about a product or service.

Conacyt's support helped BlueMessaging to improve and expand its services, thus increasing its sales, pointed out Silvana Valencia, a partner of the company. “Our projects were executed during 2013, so we started offering our new services in 2014, and our sales have increased by 18%”, she explained. She also added that “thanks to technological innovation, the Mexican company has been able to conquer not only our country -where it already works with brands such as Axtel and Cinemex-, but also the United States and Colombia”.

In 2015, BlueMessaging made a joint investment with the FIT of more than two million pesos in technological research and development. “We will continue to work with Mexican developers because here, as nowhere else, we have found talent to innovate the way the developed world innovates”, concluded Andrés Rodríguez.

Endeavor México has presented Rodríguez and its partners Silvana Valencia and Juan Carlos Vera with the Endeavor Businesspeople of the Year award for the innovation, technological development and international impact generated by their company.