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BBVA implements a comprehensive cloud solution for the automated management of environmental data

BBVA has implemented a comprehensive cloud-based solution that simplifies theprocess of sending and validating information, providing carbon footprint indicators andemission reduction tracking figures. It is a platform that will enable active, data-drivenmanagement of its sustainability policies.

BBVA implanta una solución integral Cloud para la gestión automatizada de sus datos medioambientales

Sustainability is one of the transforming pillars for BBVA, which is applied as a strategic priority across all of the bank's areas of activity, including the management and improvement of its own work centers. With this in mind, the financial institution has implemented Salesforce's Net Zero Cloud, a cloud development for the comprehensive management of environmental data in its corporate buildings. Through this initiative, BBVA will optimize its processes for measuring its carbon footprint and eliminate manual procedures. 

This new platform will allow BBVA to monitor the evolution of the main environmental indicators of its corporate buildings and its commercial network of offices in the countries where it operates. It will also generate different scenarios to analyze the evolution of its indicators in relation to its environmental commitments. 

A system that automates data entry and calculations, helps to obtain a granular and transversal analysis of the global energy consumption of the BBVA Group's properties and defines alerts on key indicators. To integrate this solution, BBVA has chosen NTT DATA, a company specialized in systems integration.

“At BBVA, we are committed to the best solutions that lead to a sustainable transition. We incorporate sustainability into our everyday work, whether in our relationship with our customers, in our internal processes or in the management of all our corporate buildings,” says Desirée Granda, Global Head of Premises and Services at BBVA. The bank's work centers already have the highest sustainability standards and “this new development allows us to make faster, more agile decisions and to follow up on the objectives established in our Global Eco-efficiency Plan”. A plan that establishes year-on-year objectives focused on reducing direct impacts through 2025, such as reducing electricity consumption per employee by 10%, total energy consumption by 7%, water and paper consumption by 11%, and net waste by 4%.

BBVA will standardize the processes for calculating emissions in the countries where it operates, thereby facilitating the tracking of the objectives set by the bank. Similarly, this solution will analyze the information through reports and dashboards to meet the different reporting levels of the organization. All this will provide a reliable source of information on which the bank will develop its carbon footprint reduction strategy.

NTT DATA has been responsible for the integration of the solution with the rest of BBVA's systems, the development of the calculation processes and the implementation of the reporting system and dashboards. Eva Martino, Head of the BBVA account at NTT DATA, explained that “innovation and technology are essential to achieve real sustainability objectives, improving not only the social commitment but also the business development of each company. Achieving integrated management is not just a matter of collecting available data, but also of having the ability to measure them together, as the basis for analysis to make decisions for the future. This is a challenge for the future of companies and one in which BBVA is taking the lead with projects such as this one”. 

“To devise a good climate action plan and a roadmap that will take us towards the goal of zero emissions, the starting point has to be an accurate measurement of each organization's climate impact,” says Alejandro Romero, Vice President and Head of Financial Services in Salesforce Iberia. “BBVA is showing its commitment and leadership in this area and we are proud that they are banking on our technology to meet this challenge,” he adds.