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09 Dec 2023

For the fourth consecutive year, BBVA scored best in the banking category in the Europe region and second globally -score that was shared with other banks- in the latest Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)¹, the world's leading sustainability index. The annual breakdown of the DJSI was released on December 8, 2023. A total of 27 banks from around the world won a place in this year’s DJSI.

01 Dec 2023

Producing hydrogen from renewable energy is a key challenge on the path to decarbonization and asset managers such as Hy24 are confident that this technology will reach maturity within the decade. BBVA has invested ten million in one of Hy24’s funds, which uses its capital to finance large-scale clean hydrogen infrastructure projects. Notably, it is the world’s largest clean hydrogen fund.

30 Nov 2023

LGBT+ diversity is already the third-highest priority in corporate projects, behind only gender equality and inclusion of people with disabilities. Half of major Spanish companies have LGBT+ diversity programs. This figure drops to 34% in the case of IBEX 35-listed companies. These are some of the findings of the first major survey that looks at business management of LGBT+ diversity in Spain, promoted by BBVA, REDI and UN Global Compact Spain.

28 Nov 2023

27 Nov 2023

The energy transition affects all industrial and distribution processes. However, the sustainability-related challenges faced by companies also translate into business opportunities and competitive gains, according to Luisa Gómez Bravo, Global Head of Finance at the BBVA Group. "BBVA wants to help companies that are moving steadily towards energy transition in their business models," she said during her speech at the Spain Capital Markets hosted by Bloomberg on November 23. "Sustainability has become a regular part of our dialogue with our clients.”

23 Nov 2023

21 Nov 2023

Garanti BBVA has signed a further agreement with Beyçelik Elawan Renewables Renewable Energy Production Inc. to finance a series of upgrades to the Yahyali Wind Power Plant, bringing the Turkish bank’s total investment to USD 145 million.

20 Nov 2023

17 Nov 2023

At the fourth annual Diversity Days, the bank launched a pledge to champion and support the universal values of human dignity, freedom, respect and equality. This new milestone marks the end of a year that has seen numerous initiatives in favor of diversity, including the target of 35% of management positions being held by women, implementing a protocol to fight harassment against LGTBI people, and launching a program to prevent ageism.

15 Nov 2023

08 Nov 2023

BBVA was selected as one of the bookrunners for Colombia's first issue of social bonds in the international market. The debt was rated Baa2/BB+/BB+ for its inaugural offering and was denominated in US dollars with a dual-tranche format maturing in 2035 and 2053. It is an integral part of the Colombian government’s sustainable strategy, and is the first time the country has issued social bonds and only its second issue under ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria, following the placement of Green Treasury Notes in 2021, in which BBVA also acted as lead bookrunner.

03 Nov 2023

24 Oct 2023

BBVA Chair Carlos Torres Vila, together with over 100 chairs or CEOs of large global companies, signed a declaration calling on the global leaders participating in the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai (COP28) to commit to “transformative policies and actions.” “Every fraction of a degree counts in the race to net zero,” explains this open letter from the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

23 Oct 2023

14 Sep 2023

13 Sep 2023

The prestigious publication has included BBVA among the best companies in the world in the first edition of this list put together in collaboration with Statista.The bank is the second Spanish company in the ranking and sixth bank worldwide. The ‘World’s Best Companies’ is a comprehensive list of the most remarkable organizations around the globe  in various sectors based on three dimensions: employee satisfaction, revenue growth and sustainability.

12 Sep 2023

06 Sep 2023

30 Aug 2023

31 Jul 2023

From April to June 2023, BBVA channeled around €19 billion in sustainable business. This figure, showing growth of around 30 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, sets a new quarterly record. In total, BBVA channeled €169 billion in sustainable business from 2018 to June 2023, well over half of the €300 billion target laid down for the 2018-2025 period.

27 Jul 2023

Droughts are abnormally dry periods, in which multiple factors are involved and which have important consequences for the environment and societies. An estimated 55 million people are directly affected by droughts every year, and they could harm as many as three out of four people worldwide by 2050, according to the UN. BBVA delves into this complex phenomenon in the new report 'Cuando falta el agua: claves para hacer frente a la sequía' (When water is scarce: keys to face drought).

25 Jul 2023

BBVA’s Turkish unit is launching the ‘Women who know their accounts’ program as part of its strategy for inclusive growth. The aim of the program is to support women who are not familiar with banking services, to help them discover their potential and ensure a more active participation in economic life. The program will support them by providing training in basic financial matters and in managing their personal finances.

21 Jul 2023

BBVA plans to invest in Suma Capital’s 3rd Sustainable Investment Fund, which specializes in the energy transition, the circular economy and in particular waste management for energy production: biogas and biomethane. The financial institution is investing in this reference fund for sustainable infrastructure in Spain as part of its investment strategy for climate funds. Through these investments, BBVA is contributing to the decarbonization of the planet.

20 Jul 2023

The bank extends leave to its employees to care for sick family members, to accompany a partner in prenatal check-ups, to take young children in their first week of school, pregnancy protection measures to care for children or adoption and foster care processes. These are some of the improvements incorporated in BBVA's new Equality Plan, which also includes protocols against harassment in the workplace and non-discrimination of the LGTBI community.