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Corporate information 09 Mar 2022

Garanti BBVA publishes its 2021 Integrated Annual Report

Garanti BBVA recently published its 2021 Integrated Annual Report entitled ‘How Does a Bank Create Value?’ Covering both the bank’s activities throughout the year and its economic indicators, the aim of the report is to serve as an example and an inspiration, inviting all of the Garanti BBVA’s stakeholders to turn words into action.


Through video messages from members of the Board of Directors, CEO and Executive Vice Presidents, the report raises 12 questions, explains key concepts and describes actions taken by Garanti BBVA in response to these questions.

For the first time, Garanti BBVA’s integrated annual report includes the bank’s contributions to 16 Sustainable Development Goals and 59 sustainable development targets. Available on its website,, viewers can access an AI-based digital report assistant in Turkish and English that will respond to questions about the report content and refer them to the relevant sections.

Garanti BBVA CEO Recep Baştuğ explained his view of the bank:  “We are a bank that internalizes value creation, pioneers in several areas in Turkey, trustworthy, and with robust products and services that stand out in the sector.” But what really differentiates Garanti BBVA from its peers, in his opinion, is how the bank turns its statements into concrete action for the benefit of its stakeholders and society as a whole.

“Our bank has been a pioneer in the sector, with numerous firsts” he said. “It has served as an example with its bold and ground-breaking commitments for a sustainable world, inspiring all its stakeholders and the sector. It has stood behind its every pledge, which it delivered on time and put into action,” he continued. For example, Garanti BBVA is the first and only Turkish bank to be a signatory to the United Nations Net-Zero Banking Association and the first to commit to no longer finance coal and coal-related new investments.

The bank has also taken action in social areas, allocating TL 43.6 million to social programs in 2021. Garanti BBVA’s CEO explained how the bank’s leadership in digitization solidifies this impact. “By guiding our customers to use the right tools at the right time, and supporting them in better managing their financial health, we become their reliable partner,” he stated. Garanti BBVA is currently the bank of choice for 11 million digital customers, making it the bank with the largest digital and mobile customer base.

Recep Baştuğ stressed that without a doubt, these accomplishments would not be possible without the Garanti BBVA family, working as one team. “Our colleagues form the backbone of the bank,” he said, adding, “ Our goal is crystal clear: to bring the age of opportunity to everyone. We will continue to create value for all our stakeholders and stand out in the sector.”