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Denizen, the first true global account

Joaquin Ayusa de Paul
Joaquín Ayuso Founder & CEO

When it comes to moving money, speed is of the essence, and speeding up money transfer and settlement to near real time is the goal of efforts underway around the world.

One of the clearest – although invisible – impediments to moving money is an international border. That’s because each time a transaction crosses a border it encounters a number of points of friction that slow it down, ranging from currency exchange, platform changes, new settlement rules, or other causes.

For people whose lives cross borders – world travelers, expats, immigrants, or refugees – this friction is more than an inconvenience, it can hinder their ability to conduct everyday tasks and even impact their long term financial health.

We created Denizen to simplify banking for global citizens.Denizen app and ATM card

Today we operate the world’s first true global account, a unified, borderless account that eliminates much of the time, stress and fees of international banking.

Our initial market is expats, like myself, although we envision Denizen becoming the solution for frequent travelers, immigrants, and refugees, essentially anyone that needs to carry out transactions across borders like transferring money between accounts to pay bills or depositing payments, and always with no fees and fast access to funds.

Denizen account holders can receive money in one country and pay in another immediately, with no international wire transfer or foreign currency exchange fees. Also a Denizen account comes with a no-fee international ATM card and a mobile app for on-the-go money management.

As an expat who has faced many of these challenges myself, my goal in creating Denizen is to provide a quality, responsibly designed and easy to use product for the tens of millions of expats across the world for whom banking is a logistical nightmare.

Visit Denizen at

Currently Denizen is available in limited beta for expatriates living in Spain and the United States, but due to expand more broadly in 2018.

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