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Welcome to BBVA New Digital Businesses

You may have already heard of New Digital Businesses (NDB), our initiatives, investments or new startup businesses, had an opportunity to collaborate with us, or perhaps this is your first encounter with the team. In any case, we welcome you to NDB.

What is BBVA New Digital Businesses?

BBVA New Digital Businesses, or NDB, was formed in 2015 inside BBVA with the goal of creating disruption for the bank by addressing the new finance ecosystem.

Since our founding, we have created an environment to help BBVA grow and establish new ways of delivering real value to customers. Past initiatives that are no longer in market as well as those that continue to thrive in their respective markets have helped us to better understand how new ways to think about today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, to form and bring multiple new digital businesses to market, scale, and bring key learnings into the bank to adopt best practice and innovation wherever possible.



What content will you find here?

NDB’s Mission consists of four pillars (Build, Acquire, Partner, Invest) and form the foundation of our strategic approach. These are how we aim to ensure BBVA remains a strong global financial institution. Whether it be building and launching an internal venture headed by an entrepreneur-in-residence like Denizen, purchasing a promising leader in LatAm digital payments like Openpay, making strategic investments via our Silicon Valley VC, Propel Venture Partners, or partnering with brands that bring new technologies or ideas, we look to disrupt the financial technology industry and transform BBVA.


Our portfolio and team

We’d also like to introduce you the NDB team, an exceptional team based around the globe at our offices in Europe, North America and Asia), who each bring impressive entrepreneurial experience, talent and mindset as well as a deep, fundamental desire to change the way things are done.


And finally we invite you to get acquainted with the new ventures and companies that make up our portfolio of  initiatives from all around the world.

If you’d like to get in touch, be kept up to date on our latest developments, or potentially join our team, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter where we will share news and updates from the team.

Take a look around, ask us any questions you have, or give us your feedback. Thanks for visiting.


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