Four growth tactics for banks in the age of big tech

  In an increasingly digital world, industry lines are blurring. Big techs like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Uber own the market in part by being ever-present in their customers’ digital

How Atom won a £10 million grant to help SMEs

  In August 2019, Atom Bank was awarded a £10 million grant from the Capability and Innovation Fund (CIF), part of a £775 million package administered by Banking Competition Remedies

Bank identities are the key to creating a digital culture of privacy and security

  A 1993 cartoon published in the New Yorker depicts two dogs sitting at a computer desk. One dog, seated in a swivel chair, looks at the other and says,

The Big Corporate’s recipes for creating successful startups

  There are many different ways in which big corporates can launch new innovative business models. Some of the more successful ones are internal development, participation in incubators or the

How Upturn uses data science to improve its product

  As Upturn’s user base continues to grow, there’s an increasing need to better leverage the data it’s generating and use it to the startup’s advantage. With that in mind

NDB Asia Pacific’s Lucas Yang on the Outlook for Open Banking in Asia

  The Asia Pacific region is quickly rising in the world of fintech and banking innovation, with increased investment to match. With that in mind, BBVA’s New Digital Businesses division

‘Zero Knowledge Proof’: how to maintain privacy in a data-based world

Is it possible to show that something is true without revealing the data that proves it? This is what ‘Zero Knowledge Proof’ technology proposes, a technique which employs cryptographic algorithms

Amazon, the online shopping giant diversifies its payments with Openpay solutions

Cash remains the preferred payment method in Latin America In Latin America in 2018, approximately $1.7 trillion dollars were spent annually in retail sales with cash, representing 81% of all

What is explainable AI (XAI) — and why is it more necessary than ever?

Netflix has transformed the way we watch TV: Whether you like Oscar-nominated dramas, stand-up comedy specials, or binge-watchable series, Netflix offers thousands of options for you, all at the touch

Holvi puts its money where its customers are by hiring freelance creatives for its first out-of-home ad campaign

The stakes were high for Holvi’s latest advertising campaign: The BBVA New Digital Businesses portfolio company has made a major move to launch payment accounts with localized IBANs for its