Inside Outsiders

BBVA NDB was built to think and act as an outsider. It’s our mission to challenge convention.

To open new gateways to innovation. To fund and foster big ideas that will upend the banking establishment.

To hatch ideas that surprise and delight consumers. To partner with, invest in and acquire disruptive technology companies.

Innovation and technology change the way we live and work on an almost daily basis, so we’re thinking about tomorrow. And a year from tomorrow. And a decade from then.


to scale

Our early investments in startups and innovators aren’t just about building solutions for today’s customers. BBVA NDB concepts and incubates transformative fintech businesses alongside the best entrepreneurial talent in Madrid, San Francisco, and London. We’re out to seed and scale high impact ideas for the customers of tomorrow.


& listen

From Holvi in Helsinki, Finland to Openpay in Queretaro, Mexico, we’ve searched the world for disrupters that would benefit from a close connection to a global bank. Our acquisitions of innovative fintech companies add new customers to BBVA, expand our footprint, evolve our digital capabilities, and learn.


on venture

Propel Venture Partners independently manages BBVA’s investments in the companies on the forefront of fintech innovation, like Coinbase and Prosper. In addition BBVA invests into venture capital funds, like the Sinovation Fund IV, a fund under the management of Sinovation Ventures, that increases BBVA’s insight and access to the growing Chinese innovation market, especially around AI. BBVA also invests directly in great companies like Atom or solarisBank. Investments such as these give us exposure to innovation from outside BBVA’s NDB area, and the entrepreneurs that are rethinking what’s possible. We want to embrace that innovation – we want to learn.



Here’s the thing about disruptive innovation: it can come from anywhere. That’s why BBVA NDB pursues partnerships with outside technology innovators both big and small. We’re uniquely positioned to create disruptive programs because we can leverage the reach and capabilities of our core global banking business as well as the advanced products being built in our acquired and incubated start-ups. Fast-growing startups and global tech powerhouses alike present opportunities for BBVA to partner, grow, and build new streams of customer value. Recently, we’ve collaborated with Google to facilitate frictionless online account management, R3 and Ripple for disruptive Blockchain uses.