Redefining your everyday relationship with money
Atom is the UK’s first bank built exclusively for a smartphone or tablet. With no physical branches, Atom’s high security biometric face and voice recognition logs you into the app, where customers can carry out all their transactions. All Atom customers can create their own unique personalised brand, with a customised name, logo and colour palette. Atom’s customers benefit from a low cost business model that delivers better rates and overall value. Just one look at Atom and you’ll see why it’s the future of banking.
Mark-Mullen - CEO-Atom

Mark Mullen

CEO Atom Bank

Mark Mullen is co-founder and CEO of Atom Bank. Mark started his career in financial services in 1989 at Forward Trust Group, the finance house and leasing subsidiary of Midland Bank plc, where he spent a decade working in a number of businesses including personal finance, vehicle finance, asset finance and corporate strategy.

In 2000, he joined HSBC in London to help develop and launch its business internet banking platform, and in 2004, Mark moved to HSBC’s UK headquarters to lead marketing communications for the UK bank. He took over as Head of Marketing at first direct at the end of 2006, and between 2009 and 2011 he was the Regional Head of Marketing, MENA for HSBC Bank Middle East, working out of Dubai.

In 2011, Mark took over as Chief Executive of first direct, and his role enlarged to include leadership of the HSBC UK Contact Centres in 2013. In March 2014, Mark resigned from the HSBC Group to co-found Atom as CEO. In 2017 he took over the leadership of the Challenger Bank Stakeholder Group as part of the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE).