The premier banking experience for expats
A project founded by expats, Denizen is the first premier global banking experience designed for expats. Denizen recognizes the pain of dealing with juggling bank accounts, paying significant fees, and planning weeks in advance for the simplest of financial transactions. Denizen eliminates the stress, hassle and fees of managing bank accounts across borders. Denizen’s customers hold one unified account (bank accounts opened by the customer are aggregated and work through Denizen like one single multi-currency account) and a no-fee global ATM card, making it fast, easy and affordable to see a quick snapshot of finances and manage their money across borders. Living between multiple countries is complicated. Thanks to Denizen, managing your finances no longer has to be.
BBVA NDB - Denizen

Joaquín Ayuso

CEO Denizen

Joaquin Ayuso (Computer Science from ICAI, Madrid) is the founder and CEO of Denizen. Earlier in his career, he co-founded, a Madrid based invitation-only social network that has been referred to as the Spanish Facebook. He also founded Kuapay, a payments company with focus in Latin America.