Going beyond, rethinking and rebuilding financial services
Propel Venture Partners is an independent venture capital firm focused on opportunities at the intersection of technology and finance. BBVA invests in two vehicles focused on financial technology, which Propel manages as a 3rd party. Financial services touch the daily lives of consumers everywhere. This massive category has long been the domain of banks and other too-big-to-fail incumbents. But changes are taking hold.
BBVA NDB - Propel

Jay Reinemann

Partner Propel

Jay has been immersed in the financial services sector throughout his career, much of it as an investor.

After college, he worked at Old Kent Financial Corporation (now Fifth Third), Andersen Consulting, and then Visa, where he held operational and investor roles and eventually led Visa’s Corporate Ventures and Strategic Alliances group. At Visa, Jay led investments in Tripwire (acquired by Belden), Good (acquired by Motorola), Mobileway (acquired by Sybase), Application Security (acquired by Trustwave), Spi Dynamics (acquired by HP), Way Systems (acquired by VeriFone), and ISCubed (out of business). After Visa, Jay joined the founding team of an early stage social commerce start-up and founded a fintech venture fund, Altai Ventures, which was slightly ahead of the curve but failed to raise capital during the financial crisis.

But the experience only increased his drive for fintech innovation and paved the way for him to join BBVA in 2011.