Find and fix credit errors online
Upturn helps Americans understand and take actions to improve their credit. The self-service online platform tracks your credit score and, more importantly, credit report to surface actionable insights that might improve your score. Upturn also helps uncover credit report errors so you can take action to resolve them online directly with the credit bureau.

Rod Ebrahimi

CEO Upturn

Rod was recruited straight out of high school to Silicon Valley during the first dot-com boom where he helped build out and manage internet infrastructure for early e-commerce websites. Most recently, Rod was Co-founder and CEO of the YCombinator-backed online personal debt management company ReadyForZero. From 2011 to 2015, ReadyForZero’s award-winning personal finance tools helped Americans pay down over $350 million in personal debt. In 2015, ReadyForZero was acquired by the online lending platform Avant. At Avant, Rod was Head of Corporate Development and helped establish Avant’s west coast tech office. Rod holds a B.S., with distinction, in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction.