NDB Asia Pacific’s Lucas Yang on the Outlook for Open Banking in Asia

  The Asia Pacific region is quickly rising in the world of fintech and banking innovation, with increased investment to match. With that in mind, BBVA’s New Digital Businesses division

Open APIs & ecosystem collaboration

Ecosystem It’s a trending buzzword; but what does it really mean, and more importantly, what are companies actually doing to create ecosystems in today’s platform economy? API expert and BBVA

BBVA featured in Pymnts B2B API Tracker

Did you know that 64% of B2B payments are still made using paper checks? Last quarter Pymnts.com featured BBVA Open Platform’s suite of white label, Banking-as-a- Service APIs in its

Digit is now using Open Platform’s APIs to offer Digit Pay

We’re proud to announce that savings company Digit is now using Open Platform’s APIs to offer Digit Pay, a brand new service to all of its customers.  Digit Pay, lets

How does Banking-as-a-Service differ from open banking?

As an industry, we’ve invented an impressive repertoire of words to talk about what banks are doing with APIs. Banking-as-a-Service, open banking, Decentralized Banking, API Banking, Bank-as-a-Platform, and the list