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Customer experience 07 Aug 2017

BBVA Compass enhances the customer experience with Salesforce

Since late 2016, BBVA Compass has been leveraging cloud-based tools from Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) company, to centralize and manage the profiles of current and potential clients — an effort that will help to deliver a more unified and tailored banking experience.


BBVA Compass’ consumer, commercial and wealth management divisions, currently a network of about 6,070 employees, have adopted Salesforce’s in-the-cloud CRM tools. These tools are helping the divisions better manage a large scale of customer information — including account activities, communications and tasks — to foster more direct engagements with clients and prospects.

BBVA Compass Director of Network Operations and Client Experience Stacey Dreyer stated that Salesforce’s CRM platform improves collaboration among BBVA Compass’ client-facing teams and gives them access to a shared network of key customer information. She mentioned that this helps provide a consistent experience for customers while catering to their unique financial needs.

Salesforce literally helps our teams to connect the dots and recommend relevant products and services for people to have bright financial futures.

“With Salesforce’s real-time platform, the bank’s client experience teams have the capability to instantly share and contribute to profile information. This enables them to better nurture relationships and deliver an enriched banking experience to customers,” said Dreyer. “Salesforce literally helps our teams to connect the dots and recommend relevant products and services for people to have bright financial futures.”

Kevin McMahon, BBVA Compass director of digital channel applications, said that the adoption of Salesforce is an industry model for bolstering client engagement through digital differentiation, which goes hand-in-hand with business growth.

BBVA Compass’ growth is partly due to its commitment to enhancing the client experience through digital technologies.

“BBVA Compass’ growth is partly due to its commitment to enhancing the client experience through digital technologies,” said McMahon. “Salesforce is a digital resource that proves how technology can bring teams together to work in a way that fosters customer loyalty, a core component of business growth.”

The CRM platform offers BBVA Compass’ client experience teams the ability to instantly share, access and create reports, forecasts, dashboards and campaigns, creating a healthy network of insightful data for attracting new clients and generating new leads. With Salesforce in place for the first half of this year — January to June —, the teams grew their contacts with customers by 23% and increased their understanding of customers through a 17% growth in new client profiles.

The adoption of Salesforce is a worldwide initiative of BBVA, the parent organization of BBVA Compass. In fall 2016, BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila and Salesforce Vice Chairman, President and COO Keith Block initiated a Memorandum of Understanding during a ceremony in San Francisco to set a new standard in digital and client service throughout the bank’s global markets, including U.S.-based BBVA Compass. The agreement is a joint effort and strategic alignment that allows BBVA and Salesforce to establish a framework to work towards joint technology and product developments that will help the bank achieve customer excellence, boost digital sales and take advantage of new business models.