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Digital banking Act. 15 Jan 2018

Garanti is Turkey’s best-loved mobile banking brand

BBVA’s Turkish bank Garanti is the best-loved mobile bank in Turkey, a new survey has revealed. The poll identified 22 brands with which Turkish people feel enthusiastically connected.

The Lovemark survey is based on a questionnaire that examines a number of  factors, including mindset, emotional proximity, and most importantly,  the level of customer satisfaction with a brand.

In response to being selected as Turkey´s best-loved mobile bank, Garanti produced a special 30-second animated video to thank its customers for their support and recognition.

In the video, this  recognition is portrayed symbolically by two people in love, with a stream of hearts emanating from the mobile screen. In addition, the bank has temporarily transformed its catch phrase of “Anything Else” into “We don't need anything else but your love!”

The Lovemarks survey led by Mediacat and carried out by Ipsos in collaboration with Fikri mühim. Specific target audiences were chosen in some categories and the results were published online.

The purpose of the MediaCat Lovemark Research is to determine which brand is the “Lovemark” in the various categories.

Garanti produced a special 30-second video to thank its customers for naming it Turkey´s best-loved mobile banking brand.

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